Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tim Johnson 11am Op-Ed

Topic 1- There should be visiting hours each day in the dorms.
Reason 1- People in the dorms already spend much of their time outside of the dorms with other people.
Claim 1- If a student wants to meet with someone else, they can meet where ever they want, not just in the dorms. It is more a sense of convenience for them to meet in the dorms.
Assumption 1- Keeping the visiting hours down to twice a week keeps people's focus on their studies for 5 of those days.

Topic 2- Football going independent.
Reason 2- BYU football wants to go independent to gain a better chance at getting into a better bowl game, and they can also play whatever teams they want.
Claim 2- BYU is leaving their current conference so that they can play any team they can get a game with and not be tied down to conference teams and a few others.
Assumption 2- BYU football is getting out of the Mountain West Conference namely because the University of Utah is leaving also.

Topic 3- Proposition 8 in California.
Reason 3- The LDS church has offered support to Prop. 8 in California to ban gay marriage.
Claim 3- The LDS church has only given a small fraction of the money that has supported the cause of the opponents of Prop. 8.
Assumption 3- Many people assume in their arguements that the LDS church has offered the majority of the money that has fought against Prop. 8 while there have been many organizations that have offered much more money.


  1. I really wish that there were visiting hours each day. Because of the limited visiting hours it waste time trying to find somewhere else to study. I agree with the BYU going independent.

  2. it seems like your claim and assumption in your first idea are contradicting each other...just saying, but i would really enjoy visiting hours everyday...they want to limit it so we dont get in trouble...but we can get in more trouble out of the dorms... so longer hours would be productive

  3. I'm not positive but on the prop 8 campaign, I believe that no money was given by the church.... just the church members themselves. But I agree that people believe that the church gave large amounts of money to prop 8 when they didn't. It might also good to see how much of the money was given by other organizations, or other private donors, but as I said before I think that no money was given by the church itself, just it's members. I also think that you might want to focus on who supported Prop 8 because just focusing on money might be a little challenging to write a full paper on, but writing on who exactly supported the Proposition, and HOW they supported it ie, money, standing on corners, voting etc.

  4. Tim,

    I'm not sure what you're trying to argue about Prop 8, it seems right now you're just reviewing the facts. We need something that is arguable or disagreed on by the general population of the campus. So, this angle probably doesn't work.


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