Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Opinion Editorial Ideas

1. Claim- Lacrosse should be an official NCAA Sponsored Sport at BYU
Assumption- Lacrosse would bring in revenue for the school and people want it to be a NCAA sport
Reason- I. Lacrosse is a nationally growing sport
II. Our team is one of the top nationally ranked club teams
III. Our team is already sponsored by STX so funding wouldn't be as much
2. Claim- Skateboards, Long boards, and Razor Scooters should be allowed on campus
Assumption- People want a faster form of transportation and want to be to class on time
Reason- I. Easy form of transportation to store
II. Don't need to by a lock and register it as if it was a bike
III. Easier to carry things while you ride than a bike would
3. Claim- BYU will do better as an Independent College for football
Assumption-People accept that BYU went Independent for Football and Mountain West conference wasn't enough for BYU
Reason- I. It provides BYU with more opportunity for National Recognition
II. They will have a harder Schedule
III. Mountain West was a weaker conference according to National Rankings


  1. i like it drew! however i have to say more, i think the best one is the lacrosse one, seems like you have good points.. i agree with you now after reading that

  2. I like your first point, I know a lot of guys on the team and they say lax is really close to going D-1 but haven't because they don't have support of the school. I know harrow wants to sponsor the team as well as STX, so it's not a financial issue, it's political.

  3. I like your 2nd claim! I just bought a razor scooter on ebay and I just found out that you can't ride it on campus. Which is dumb because scooters are easier to get around people and the busy crowds unlike big bikes.

  4. The first idea is really good, lacrosse is more popular than lots of the sports that are sponsored.

  5. Drew,

    Good ideas. See my comments on Vasha's post about your 2nd claim. My biggest concern on your first claim is that you make sure to talk to the club coach/captain and find out what the requirements are for a club to become an official sport and why they haven't done so yet. Also, let us know how many people area attending the current games. The financial reason is one many clubs give, but I want to see it backed up by the numbers of people currently attending vs. how much the school would have to pay to sponsor.

    On the third one, be sure to address the counterpoints and concerns that BYU won't be able to get as good of a playing schedule or bowl opportunities.


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