Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Candace 2PM

Claim: Because of artificial sweeteners found in diet soda, there are more negative effects than positive to drinking it.
Assumption: Whatever reduces the quality of our diet has more negative effects than positive when partaking of it.
Reasons: The artificial sweeteners confuse our body, are actually sweeter than table sugar therefore reducing our willingness to eat quality food, and have unclear long-term effects.

Claim: Sex education in school provides students with accurate information that they need to know in order to combat rumors that the world and media feed them.
Assumption: Whatever allows all students to become informed about sex and encourages them to be cautious helps them combat rumors that the world might feed them.
Reasons: Sex ed equips young people to make informed choices about any course of action, allows all students to be informed regardless of whether their parents share the information or not, encourages students to make well thought out decisions about sex.

Claim: Using birth control pills within marriage is a responsible way to ensure that a couple is ready and prepared for rearing a child once they have a child.
Assumption: Whatever ensures children will have a stable home with good parents is responsible.
Reasons: Many parents have "accidental" births which leads to those who are not able to provide children with a stable home, are not yet mature enough to even begin raising a child, and also to many women who are choosing abortion as an alternative to birth control.


  1. The first idea is a good one i think. I love reading about why soda is so bad for people. You should add in about how it could effect BYUs Campus specifiaclly

  2. Candace,

    My only comment would be to make sure that your first argument is indeed based on opinion and not on provable fact. If it is a fact, then it becomes a non-argument.


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