Wednesday, September 15, 2010

op-ed ideas

Tanner Combs: 1. football going independent- GOOD A. more tv coverage B. contract with notre dame C. contract with espn. BAD A. other programs go to the WCC B. the WCC doesnt have every sport
2. prop 8- GOOD A. it resembles the proclamation B. step closer to putting family back at #1
BAD A. people dont feel they have their rights
3. immigration- GOOD A. it follows the constitution B. its a statement(putting state government over federal government) BAD. people feel it is racist

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  1. Tanner,

    Good ideas. My main comment would be that Prop 8 being good is kind of a non-argument. I know there are some LDS people that disagree with it, but I think the general consensus thinks it's good. On your second argument, maybe specify what type of immigration issue you are going to talk about--the Arizona bill? Make sure you read a lot about the bill and have good sources to back you up.


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