Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seth Howard 2PM

1)Claim: Athletic Uniforms should be UNIFORM, or all of a similar nature to best keep the honor code
Reason: Some uniforms for athletics are more revealing then others, yet they all rely on the "uniform" aspect to prove that it's OK to wear and not be too revealing or against the honor code.
Assumption: People would be

2) Claim: People don't need to cut across the grass to get to class
Reason: They are killing the grass and making BYU incur expenses.
Assumption: People can get to class on time and safely by walking on concrete paths.

3) Claim: Students shouldn't have to live within 2 miles of class.
Reason: Students can get an education and be responsible without being so close to campus
Assumption: Students can get to class without problems and perform well, even though they aren't so close.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

C-Off campus approved housing can be a hassle.
R- There is too much paperwork for approvals and it can be expensive for students.
A- Trust the students to live the honro code wherever they are.

C- Students should not have to participate in a freshman mentoring package.
R- A large majority of the freshman at BYU are not "true freshman," which means that a lot are returned missionaries.
A- Allow students to make the decision whether they want tos ign up or not.

C- Tuition should stay the same amount for members and non-members.
R- BYU is a private institution, and this is how they make money like other colleges do on charging "out of state" tuition.
A- No need to argue.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mark Olsen, 2 pm

Claim- Off campus housing should not have as many rules as it isn't even part of campus.
Reason- We should be able to excercise moral agency as adults, and still be able to maintain the standards required by BYU.
Assumption- Students have moral agency.

Claim- Students should be able to ride long boards on campus.
Reason- If people can ride bikes, why not long boards.
Assumption- Students would ride long boards as an effective way of transportaion if there wasn't a rule prohibiting it.

Claim- Professors should have to post all assignments that are due on blackboard.
Reason- It's very annoying to have to check 2 or 3 different websites, and a syllabus to see what assignments are due, in every class.
Assumption- Students are annoyed with having to check so many different places to fulfill assignments.

Brent Hill 2:00 P.M.

Idea 1
Brigham Young Freshman students should not be obligated to enrol in a student "package" because they should be free to study as they desire.
Assumption: all freshman students know what they want to study.

Idea 2
All students should be required to have a personal computer in order to fully maximize their learning experience at Brigham Young University.
Assumption: a personal computer maximizes your learning ability.

Idea 3
The dress code at Brigham Young University should cease to exist because it limits students personal agency. 
Assumption: the dress code at BYu limits students agency.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nick Gould

Idea 1
Claim: BYU should demolish Subway and build a Quiznos instead.
Reason: Quiznos sandwiches are tasty and Subway's sandwiches are boring.
Assumption: Consumers would prefer Quiznos over Subway.

Idea 2
Claim: It was a good move for the BYU Football Team to go independent.
Reason: BYU can now play more big name universities.
Assumption: BYU fans would rather watch BYU play big name universities over Mountain West Universities.

Idea 3
Claim: Facebook should be banned from on-campus computer labs.
Reason: On-campus computers should be used for academic purposes and not entertainment.
Assumption: Students think that BYU's computers should be used for academic purposes.

James H. 2pm

1. Claim: The government should lower taxes for the rich.
Assumption: The rich already have too high of taxes.
Reasons: The rich own businsses and would use that extra money to hire people; the rich would spend more and improve the economy; the rich shouldn't have to bear an unequal tax burden compared to the poor.
2. Claim: The Mormons should lead the way in tolerance toward Muslims.
Assumption: There have been many recent examples of intolerance.
Reasons: Mormons have been the object of religious persecution before; the Church leaders work with Islamic leaders and organizations; the extremists misrepresent Islam.
3. Claim: BYU needs to rent scooters and bikes and triple their parking spaces for them.
Assumption: Parking is a problem at BYU.
Reasons: Improved parking, pollution, health, and will save money for students.

Wil Groesbeck

Claim- Visiting hours need to be longer and more often
Reason- It's to short of a time to do activities like study or watch a movie
They are afraid that people will do inappropriate things with the opposite sex in dorm rooms but if they were afraid of this happening, they would take away visiting hours all together because it doesn't take 2 hours to do that stuff.
Assumption- Visiting hours should be more frequent and longer
Claim- The "christians" who burned the Quran to prostest the Muslim center aren't really Christians.
Reason- Christians by definition are followers of Christ, Christ example is one of love not of hate.
3 Nephi 11:29 "For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of contention, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger, one with another."
Assumptions- There is a more rational and Chirst like way to prostest the Muslim center being built.
Claim- Title 9 is unfair to guys.
Reasons- there is no women sport equivalent to football.
It hurts non big names sports for example, men's track and swimming.
Assumption- If you take football out of the mix and make schools have equal number of men and women scholarships this would cause greater equality in college sports than the current title 9 rule.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tim Johnson 11am Op-Ed

Topic 1- There should be visiting hours each day in the dorms.
Reason 1- People in the dorms already spend much of their time outside of the dorms with other people.
Claim 1- If a student wants to meet with someone else, they can meet where ever they want, not just in the dorms. It is more a sense of convenience for them to meet in the dorms.
Assumption 1- Keeping the visiting hours down to twice a week keeps people's focus on their studies for 5 of those days.

Topic 2- Football going independent.
Reason 2- BYU football wants to go independent to gain a better chance at getting into a better bowl game, and they can also play whatever teams they want.
Claim 2- BYU is leaving their current conference so that they can play any team they can get a game with and not be tied down to conference teams and a few others.
Assumption 2- BYU football is getting out of the Mountain West Conference namely because the University of Utah is leaving also.

Topic 3- Proposition 8 in California.
Reason 3- The LDS church has offered support to Prop. 8 in California to ban gay marriage.
Claim 3- The LDS church has only given a small fraction of the money that has supported the cause of the opponents of Prop. 8.
Assumption 3- Many people assume in their arguements that the LDS church has offered the majority of the money that has fought against Prop. 8 while there have been many organizations that have offered much more money.

Adam Ashby - Class 2:00 PM

Eliminating the athletic organizations here at BYU would ruin the student chemistry because the students would stop getting together so often.

Claim - Eliminating the athletic organizations here at BYU would ruin the student chemistry
Reason - because the students would stop getting together so often.
Assumption - Students want to be get together and have student chemistry.

Kailey Trussel 11 AM

Claim 1: Fruit should be sold in the Helaman Halls Creamery.
Reason 1: Fruit is an essential part of healthy adult's diet and students have no access to it besides the Cannon Center.
Assumption 1: Fruit is necessary to be healthy and is unavailable to Helaman Halls students

Claim 2: There shouldn't be cleaning checks in dorms
Reason 2: Cleanliness is a personal choice and shouldn't matter until end of the term
Assumption 2: Cleanliness isn't important to enough to be checked up on by RAs

Claim 3: Dollar theaters are a brilliant idea
Reason 3: Poor college students get to enjoy an excellent movie for a cheap price
Assumption 3: College students like dollar theatres

Adam Ashby - Class 2:00 PM

Facebook is hurting the grades of the students because students spend way too much on the computer and they do not give their studies the priority.
Claim - Facebook is hurting the grades of the students
Reason - Because students spend way too much on the computer and they do no give their studies the priority.
Assumption - Students want good grades.

Adam Ashby - Class 2:00 PM

The program "Blackboard" does not complete it's purpose because the program we have makes things harder because teachers are now using different forms to communicate with their students.

Claim - The program "Blackboard" does not complete it's purpose.
Reason - Because it is making things harder because teachers are now using different forms to communicate with their students.
Assumption - The program was made to help teachers communicate with their students.

Ben Perry 2pm

Claim 1: BYU should provide equal scholarships with equal criteria for Athletic and Academic merits
Reason :Students talents are diverse and so should not be raised above oneanther because of a lack in one are while excelling in another.
Assumption: Rewards for hardwork and diligence should not depend on where the hardwork and diligence are applied.
Claim 2: BYU should allow students to join whatever ward they want and not limit them by nationality.
Reason: Diversity in wards is limited by segregation.
Assumption: segregation is not appropriate in any form.
Claim 3: BYU should provide the ability to print on BYU printers from a personal computer.
Reason: By allowing printing from personal computers, BYU would reduce BYU computer usage while increasing revinue.
Assumption: Providing convenience while obtaining increased revinue should always be sought in a free-market economy.

TC Hildebrand 2pm

1. Claim- Students enrolled in General education classes should not have to pay to attend performances required for the class.
Reason- because its unfair to ask poor college students to pay to view performances that they will be graded on.
Assumption- Students dont have much money to be spending as it is

2. Claim- Snowball Fights should be allowed on campus
Reason- Snowball fights are fun and encourage unity between students
Assumption- everyone loves snowball fights

3. Claim- Textbooks should be less expensive, or should be worth more upon return after semester
Reason- Because Students are having to spend crazy amounts on textbooks
Assumption- it doesnt take that much money to print a textbook

Tevan Ratliff OpEd 2pm

1. Claim: Fall/Winter rent should not be twice that of spring/summer

Reason:The time of year has nothing to do with the price of rent. Students have less time to work and have to pay tuition and more expensive rent. Its basically extortion. Apartments charge more because they can and student have a harder time affording it.

Assumption: Students don't want to pay more for housing just because of the time of year

2. Claim: Visiting hours should be extended

Reason: How many college students nights end at 12? You are more likely to catch all of my roommates in the kitchen at 2am than at any other time. Once I turned 16 I never had a curfew and now that I'm an adult in college living on my own I essentially have one at 12. We can make good decisions on or own and don't need them to be made for us.

Assumption: extending visiting hours will be beneficial to students and no we will not turn into pumpkins.

3. Claim: The testing center needs to be made more relaxing
Reason:The testing center sucks hope and happiness form anyone unfortunate enough to enter it. It is a discouraging place to take a test that determines your final grade in a class. If it were less stressful students get better grades.

Assumption:The testing center is awful place and students do worse on tests in such a stressful environment.

Jimmy Vandruff 2pm

Option #1
C. All the student seating at BYU Football games should be grouped together in one section and not randomly distributed throughout the stadium.
R. Putting the students in their own section will bring more school pride, better attendance at football games, and a better home crowd.
A. Having the students sit together at a Football games will bring about benefits.
Option #2
C. Students should be required to sit in the middle seats of the rows. This will leave the sides open for late coming students.
R. Doing this it will cause less of a class disruption and allow teachers to better assess the attendance and capability of adding more students.
A. People sitting where they want and others coming in late causes disruptions.
Option # 3
C. BYU wards, CES firesides, and other organizations should put less focus on the students finding their “Eternal Companion”.
R. Many people get married before they truly are ready to do so causing divorce or problems later on.
A. People aren’t ready to get married and these marriages lead to divorce or problems.

Candace 2PM

Claim: Because of artificial sweeteners found in diet soda, there are more negative effects than positive to drinking it.
Assumption: Whatever reduces the quality of our diet has more negative effects than positive when partaking of it.
Reasons: The artificial sweeteners confuse our body, are actually sweeter than table sugar therefore reducing our willingness to eat quality food, and have unclear long-term effects.

Claim: Sex education in school provides students with accurate information that they need to know in order to combat rumors that the world and media feed them.
Assumption: Whatever allows all students to become informed about sex and encourages them to be cautious helps them combat rumors that the world might feed them.
Reasons: Sex ed equips young people to make informed choices about any course of action, allows all students to be informed regardless of whether their parents share the information or not, encourages students to make well thought out decisions about sex.

Claim: Using birth control pills within marriage is a responsible way to ensure that a couple is ready and prepared for rearing a child once they have a child.
Assumption: Whatever ensures children will have a stable home with good parents is responsible.
Reasons: Many parents have "accidental" births which leads to those who are not able to provide children with a stable home, are not yet mature enough to even begin raising a child, and also to many women who are choosing abortion as an alternative to birth control.

Nick Nelson 11am

Claim: Dining Plus should be able to be used at the creamery on 9th

Reasons: 1-Students pay money so they can use their dining card on campus, but they can't at the creamery on 9th
2- Other meal plans can use their cards at the creamery on 9th
3- the creamery on 9th sometimes has lower prices
4- When friends get together from different on-campus housing, it limits options

Assumption: students who pay money to eat anywhere on campus what to eat ANYWHERE on campus

Claim: The amount of hours you meet on campus should match the amount of credit hours
Reasons- 1 you are learning and reviewing enough material to take a certain amount of time, so you should get college credit for that time.
2. Instead of being able to work on Homework you have to spend time and get credit for attending classes and recitations

Assumptions: Students want college credit for time they spend in the class

Claim: On campus housing shouldn't have Room Checks
Reasons-1 you pay to use the room, as long as it is clean at the end of the term or lease it shouldn't matter
2. Personal cleanliness is a choice, it shouldn't be enforced
3. All they do is touch your desk and you pass the clean check, the rooms don't have to be that clean

Assumption: being personally responsible for you cleanliness is a choice

Margot 11am

1. There should be longer and more often visiting hours in Helaman Halls. Assumptions: That people will want to have longer visiting hours with the opposite sex.

2. Prop 8 should only allow people of the opposite sex to get married. Assumption: That marriage between a man and a women is the only correct way for marriage.

3. Facebook is a good way to connect with friends and stay in touch with people all over the world and through your life. Assumption: That facebook with connect people from all over and is a good website for everyone.

Bryan 2pm

1: BYU should build a large multi-level parking garage because it would allow more people to drive to school and save on time.-assumption : People want to drive to school to save time.

2: There should be public printers in more spots around campus because it would make it easier to print out assignments for class.-assumption : Students prefer to print out papers for class and are currently not able to easily do so.

3: The USA should adopt a nation wide siesta from 2 to 4 in the afternoon because it would keep us fresh and rested and improve productivity in businesses and schools.-assumption : Everyone is tired from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and productivity would improve if we were rested.

op-ed ideas

Tanner Combs: 1. football going independent- GOOD A. more tv coverage B. contract with notre dame C. contract with espn. BAD A. other programs go to the WCC B. the WCC doesnt have every sport
2. prop 8- GOOD A. it resembles the proclamation B. step closer to putting family back at #1
BAD A. people dont feel they have their rights
3. immigration- GOOD A. it follows the constitution B. its a statement(putting state government over federal government) BAD. people feel it is racist

3 op-ed ideas, section 34

claim-People do not fully understand the Arizona immigration law or situation
reasons-many people have not read it fully and only listen to what others say, people not from Arizona don't see the effects of illegal immigration as much
Assumption-Illegal immigration is bad
claim-The freshman mentoring program should not be forced on students
reasons-the bundle limits students choices, the bundles make it harder to get class times that you want
assumption-the reader wants more options for classes
claim- BYU should bring back the wrestling team
reasons- many students who wrestle would love to have a team and it would allow more students to get scholorships
assumption-wrestling is a good sport to have in college

Glen-Olav Collett 11am

Idea 1

Claim - There should be more than just two meal plan choices for Helaman Halls.

Reason - More choice of where you can go to eat.

Assumption - That people want to go other places to eat.

Idea 2

Claim - Politicians should be required to disclose all campaign funds.

Reason - So that voters can see who is backing the politicians.

Assumption - Seeing who backs the politicians makes it easier to see hidden motives.

Idea 3

Claim - Chickens should be required to be vaccinated for salmonella.

Reason - Salmonella is a serious illness and vaccination could prevent it.

Assumption - People don’t want to get sick.

Tanner Boice Writing 150 - 77 2p.m.

Idea 1
Bishoprics in singles wards should change the way that they encourage students to seek courtship, and eventually marrige.
assumption: current methods used by bishoprics puts unesesary pressure on singles.

Idea 2
UTA should not discontinue the student bus passes offered here at byu.
assumption: many byu students rely on those passes for effective transportation to byu campus.

Idea 3
there should be more enforcment of the restriction of persons of the opposite sex in single's apartment bedrooms.
Assumption: some singles, especially those in a "relationship"have a tendency to enter their boyfriend's/girlfriend's bedrooms and this is in violation of the honor code.

Tanner Boice

Opinion Editorial Ideas

1. Claim- Lacrosse should be an official NCAA Sponsored Sport at BYU
Assumption- Lacrosse would bring in revenue for the school and people want it to be a NCAA sport
Reason- I. Lacrosse is a nationally growing sport
II. Our team is one of the top nationally ranked club teams
III. Our team is already sponsored by STX so funding wouldn't be as much
2. Claim- Skateboards, Long boards, and Razor Scooters should be allowed on campus
Assumption- People want a faster form of transportation and want to be to class on time
Reason- I. Easy form of transportation to store
II. Don't need to by a lock and register it as if it was a bike
III. Easier to carry things while you ride than a bike would
3. Claim- BYU will do better as an Independent College for football
Assumption-People accept that BYU went Independent for Football and Mountain West conference wasn't enough for BYU
Reason- I. It provides BYU with more opportunity for National Recognition
II. They will have a harder Schedule
III. Mountain West was a weaker conference according to National Rankings
Idea 1:
Assumption- Americans feel antagonistic towards the Middle-East
Claim- America is becoming more racist towards Muslims
Reasons- Many incidents have taken place in the last week, including the burning of the Quran, the Islamist mosque, and the stabbing of a Muslim cab driver.

Idea 2:
Assumption- Drug use is a prevalent problem among young adults
Claim- Drug testing should be required among athletes
Reasons- Drugs can be an advantage in sports, lead to unhealthy addictions, and are against the honor code.

Idea 3:
Assumption- America's economic policy is ineffective
Claim- America needs to tell the international community China is not abiding by the laws of free market trade.
Reasons- China has superior economic power to that of the U.S., can use this power as dangerous leverage against the States, and increases America's national debt annually.

3 OP ED ideas


Claim-BYU needs more dance classes

Reasons-The current dance classes are over crowded and extremely difficult to get in. Some have limited hours that are being taught.

Assumption-We need more dance classes to be able to suffice the amount of student who want to get into the classes.


Claim- Freshmen Mentoring program does not help/alleviate stress on new students for registration.

Reasons- The "bundles" filled just as quickly as would regular registration for classes. If you are not satisfied with the bundle and wanted to change times it could not happen, the bundle would be deleted.

Assumption-By eliminating the freshmen-mentoring requirement, it would provide more flexibility in classes.


Claim- British Petroleum is to be blamed for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Reasons-They did not drain the mud fluid that would have diminished the chances of the well from exploding.

Assumption-America is pointing their fingers toward Obama and his cabinet but they should be focusing on BP

Brandon Hillyard 2pm

Idea 1Blackboard is outdated and we need a new system.assumption: outdated is a bad thingreasons: way to many categories, doesn't run very well on internect explorer, some teachers use it very differently than others creating a guessing game for students trying to find out where information is stored

Idea 2:Making group assignments should not be used in a university, because it can be far too challenging to meet together and oftentimes trying to work with multiple schedules and people you don't even know.Assumption: college students are busyreason: we all have very unique busy schedules and styles of studying.

Idea 3: International students should have first priority to on campus jobsassumption: they need jobsreasoning: most, because of visa issues aren't allowed to work off campus anyway, and in order to come to byu they are required to pay a $4,000 down payment.

Matt 2pm

Idea 1. The Honor Code is creating a system where people's spirituality is being based on an external checklist.

Idea 2. BYU's art programs should receive more funding because that is where the beauties in our society lie.

Idea 3. True relationships are becoming harder to forge because of the wedge that is technology.

David 2pm

Idea 1. Claim/ athletics uniforms should conform to the honor code
Assumption/ we all sided the honor code we all need to keep it on and off the fild.

Idea 2. Claim/ Less Fast food on BYU campus
Assumption/ obesity is a big problem at BYU and it keeps increasing every year

Idea 3. Claim/ Cell phones should be band on BYU campus
Assumption/ cell phones take away from learning and are a distraction in class

Op Ed Ideas

1) Claim: If a student at BYU voluntarily goes in to talk to their bishop with a repentant heartto clear up a mistake, the bishop should not report it as an honor code violation.
Reasons: Everyone makes mistakes, it will cause students to delay the repentance process, and Bishop's interviews should be confidential.
Assumption: Students may be hesitant to go in and talk to their bishops about a mistake they've made in fear that they could be kicked out of BYU.

2) Claim: The amout of time given for visiting hours should not be extended.
Reasons: We have visiting hours for the purpose of home teaching - not so members of the opposite sex can just hang out in our bedrooms, people already take advantage of visiting hours by closing the doors to their rooms when members of the opposite sex are in there, and extended visiting hours would make it more difficult for the R.A.s so regulate and patrol.
Assumption: Fewer visiting hours in dorms lessens the risk of morality problems.

3) Claim: The Cannon Center should be open more hour on Sundays.
Reasons: How are freshmen living in the dorms supposed to eat breakfast when it doesn't open until noon? It forces us to break the Sabbath because we get hungry after the Cannon closes at 5:00. For those of us who don't have church until noon (when the Cannon opens), we can't eat until 3:00.
Assumption: Opening the Cannon Center for more hours on Sundays will help freshmen living in the dorms be able to keep the Sabbath day holy, and to focus better during church.

3 OP Ed

Visiting hours in dorms
Claim: Hours available to visit in dorms are too rigid
Reasons: Hard to schedule home teaching with limited hours (makes it less personal if held in commons or other grounds on campus). Only allowed four hours a week in the opposite sexes dorm. With these short visiting hours it allows for hardly anytime to socialize or to study in groups.
assumption: With longer visiting hours, socializing, studying, and church callings can be made more efficient and successful.

Standardized Testing for College
Claim: It is an effective way to evaluate how intelligent someone is.
Reasons: Every school/teacher has different criteria
Every school grades differently. Allows the teacher to evaluate their teaching. Evaluates the understanding of the subject being taught.
Assumption: Standardized Testing creates a more equal way to measure a students knowledge

Honor Code
Claim: Honor Code isn’t as enforced as they say it will be
Reasons: Many girls and boys do not wear shorts, skirts, and dresses that reach the knee length requirement. Girls still have hair extremes in styles and in color.
Assumption: Brigham Young University staff should enforce their consequences that are addressed in the honor code.


Vasha Burrows MWF 11:00 am

idea 1.
claim: BYU should sponsor the rugby teams
reasons: both men and womens team go to nationals every year...bring in a lot of revenue; growing sport....more people are attending games
assumption: rugby would help bring money in for the school....but would be better if sponsored

idea 2.
claim: scooter and skateboards should be allowed on campus.
reason: faster transportation for students to and from class; easier to store and carry than bike
assumption: if students get to class faster they will do better in school

idea 3.
claim: the canon center hours should be longer on sundays
reason: some ward get out super late and have hardly any time to get food on sundays due to early closing hours; student who dont eat healthily and regularly dont do well in school
assumption: students with bad eating habits dont do well in school

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elizabeth Lin 11am class MWF

1. 1. Claim: We don’t get enough money a day with our dining plus.

Reason: We get $11.10 every day and if we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday that’s all of our money gone. But, Sundays meals cost more than $11.10, so people who eat all 3 meals every day of that week, don’t have enough money to eat on Sundays.

Assumption: If we receive more than $11.10 everyday, we’ll have enough money to eat on Sundays, instead of paying out of our pockets.

2. 2. Claim: Freshmen mentoring bundles/envelopes limit our choices of classes we want to take.

Reason: We’re required to take that GE class no matter what, why can’t we decide when we want to take it? If a student has a load of hard classes for one semester, but the student has to take Book of Mormon and American Heritage, the student wouldn’t be able to get out of it because that’s the envelope that was given to them.

Assumption: Freshmen Mentoring bundles are too much work to deal with, when we can do it on our own.

3. 3. Claim: Some Women and Men at BYU forget that they signed the Honor Code.

Reason: More women are wearing tight fit clothing, skirts and shorts above the knees. Unfortunately men are wearing shorts above the knee and deep cut V-necks that show too much of the chest.

Assumption: If students at BYU keep this up, the administration might possibly change our dress code to match BYU-Idaho’s dress code.

1. Claim: Gay marriage should not be made legal in the state of California ( prop 8)
Reasons: It would effect the religious beliefs of people living in the state, they can have the same benefits having a civil union as having a "marriage", marriage is only for a man and woman.
Assumption: People believe in what the bible is instructs
2. Claim: Girls should not get married their freshman year
Reasons: They have not established who they are as individuals. Before u can become a successful partner in marriage you have to be independent enough to take care of yourself.
Assumption: That it is good thing to become successful as an individual, and find out who you are, before u get married.
3. Claim: The Biodiversity of our ecosystem is deteriorating, which is effecting our planet in a negative way.
Reasons: As humans ( students at BYU) we are overexploiting out resources, and destroying nature for our own pleasure and selfish gain.
Assumptions: It is a bad thing to destroy the environment and have a rapid loss of biodiversity
sarah darby

Monday, September 13, 2010

3 OpEd Ideas for Section 77 at 2pm MWF

Please post three OpEd ideas below, including your claims, reasons, and assumptions for each idea, by midnight on Wednesday. Then, make sure you comment on three other students' posts BEFORE class on 
Friday. Happy Writing!

3 OpEd Ideas for Section 34 at 11am MWF

Please post three OpEd ideas below, including your claims, reasons, and assumptions for each idea, by midnight on Wednesday. Then, make sure you comment on three other students' posts BEFORE class on
Friday. Happy Writing!