Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nick Gould

Idea 1
Claim: BYU should demolish Subway and build a Quiznos instead.
Reason: Quiznos sandwiches are tasty and Subway's sandwiches are boring.
Assumption: Consumers would prefer Quiznos over Subway.

Idea 2
Claim: It was a good move for the BYU Football Team to go independent.
Reason: BYU can now play more big name universities.
Assumption: BYU fans would rather watch BYU play big name universities over Mountain West Universities.

Idea 3
Claim: Facebook should be banned from on-campus computer labs.
Reason: On-campus computers should be used for academic purposes and not entertainment.
Assumption: Students think that BYU's computers should be used for academic purposes.


  1. Some professors have their students join a class facebook group. Where they can do similar things what we are but instead of at blogspot they are on facebook.

  2. I agree with your first idea and there is already a Subway in cougar eat any way. Don't really need two Subways.

  3. I agree with your reasons for your second idea. I'd rather watch BYU play big schools like LSU and Florida, both of whom are known for their football programs.

  4. With the facebook on campus idea maybe you talk about how it can be a distraction while in class. Today my teacher singled out a student who was on their computer on facebook.

  5. i think that in this age of technology, it would not be a good idea to ban the first comment said, almost all my teachers use a class facebook... we also have one for our ward and relief society...not all students have computers in their dorms and the campus comps are the only ones they have access to

  6. Some college students do not have laptops or computers. So allowing them to do such things as facebook is good for them and banning it would not be good.

  7. Another option for facebook being banned...I agree that computers should be used for academic reasons, the other day I didn't bring my laptop on campus and thought I would just use some of the ones in the library, but they were full where I was going to study, to make it worse, some people were on facebook while I was trying to do HW! An Idea for people opposing the facebook ban, saying it is required for class, would be to have A certain computer lab where computers that CAN connect to facebook. SO both are satisfied but where people won't get distracted and have the facebook option if it is needed.

  8. Nick G.,

    Nick N. gives some excellent advice on the facebook argument. Also, I would say the Quiznos argument might not really be an argument, because you would have to know for sure that Quiznos wanted to get into the BYU Courgaeat and was denied because Subway wanted more space. I don't know if BYU chooses who is in there so much as companies pay to use the space.

  9. Nick,

    One more thought--BYU-Idaho used to block facebook on campus until after 5pm, I don't know if they still do. This could be an interesting solution to the argument.


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