Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tanner Boice Writing 150 - 77 2p.m.

Idea 1
Bishoprics in singles wards should change the way that they encourage students to seek courtship, and eventually marrige.
assumption: current methods used by bishoprics puts unesesary pressure on singles.

Idea 2
UTA should not discontinue the student bus passes offered here at byu.
assumption: many byu students rely on those passes for effective transportation to byu campus.

Idea 3
there should be more enforcment of the restriction of persons of the opposite sex in single's apartment bedrooms.
Assumption: some singles, especially those in a "relationship"have a tendency to enter their boyfriend's/girlfriend's bedrooms and this is in violation of the honor code.

Tanner Boice


  1. For your third idea, I would consider thinking about the age of the individuals who are staying in those apartments. They are all adults who are big enough to make their own decisions. If they are having someone of the opposite sex in their bedroom, they should know they are violating the honor code. How would you regulate this more than it already is? Have a video camera in the rooms? It just seems a little... unrealistic to me. (I am just playing the other side. Something to think about.)

  2. Tanner,

    You have some good points here, but I'm concerned that you're making arguments you can't really change. The practice of bishoprics widely varies and is considered a person matter of inspiration as part of their changing it is really hard. Your audience for this letter would be church authorities, not BYU readers and you would want to keep that in mind.

    You second claim about UTA buss passes is actually the fault of BYU and not UTA. BYU is the one who is cutting off funding of discounts for students. I think this is a very valid argument, especially when we already have so many parking issues here at BYU and public transportation is only becoming harder. I would be sure to compare the funding BYU provides to the funding UVU and other local colleges/universities give to their students. I think BYU has made an interesting choice to make parking free and then cut their public transportation discounts, is there really an surprise we have parking issues?

    I agree with your third claim, but I"m not sure how it could ever be enforced. The only thing people can really do is confront their roommates and report them to the honor code.


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