Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 OP ED ideas


Claim-BYU needs more dance classes

Reasons-The current dance classes are over crowded and extremely difficult to get in. Some have limited hours that are being taught.

Assumption-We need more dance classes to be able to suffice the amount of student who want to get into the classes.


Claim- Freshmen Mentoring program does not help/alleviate stress on new students for registration.

Reasons- The "bundles" filled just as quickly as would regular registration for classes. If you are not satisfied with the bundle and wanted to change times it could not happen, the bundle would be deleted.

Assumption-By eliminating the freshmen-mentoring requirement, it would provide more flexibility in classes.


Claim- British Petroleum is to be blamed for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Reasons-They did not drain the mud fluid that would have diminished the chances of the well from exploding.

Assumption-America is pointing their fingers toward Obama and his cabinet but they should be focusing on BP

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  1. Maddi,

    This is a good start. I'm going to play the devil's advocate now and tell you all the potential problems/counterarguments and other things you should consider.

    For your first claim, I think the biggest argument is going to be cost. So you'll want to think of ways you can reconcile this.

    For your second argument, I would suggest talking to someone in the Freshman Mentoring program and find out what the purpose of the bundles is. Then, focus on showing how the current system isn't really benefiting your education. If it is problems with registering for classes, then you'll want to share multiple stories of people who've had problems.

    We talked about your third claim in class, so let me know if you have any more questions on this one.


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