Friday, September 17, 2010

Brent Hill 2:00 P.M.

Idea 1
Brigham Young Freshman students should not be obligated to enrol in a student "package" because they should be free to study as they desire.
Assumption: all freshman students know what they want to study.

Idea 2
All students should be required to have a personal computer in order to fully maximize their learning experience at Brigham Young University.
Assumption: a personal computer maximizes your learning ability.

Idea 3
The dress code at Brigham Young University should cease to exist because it limits students personal agency. 
Assumption: the dress code at BYu limits students agency.


  1. i like idea #3 because atheists don't keep the the dress code anyways!

  2. i dislike idea #2 because all students cant financially afford computers. that is why we have computer labs.

  3. i like idea #1 because all students should be able to chose what they study and not be forced to take classes.

  4. I very much agree with #1, it hinders our options for our schedule especially for RM's that are freshmen

  5. I love #1,it was very frusterating trying to arrange my schedule, and being so limited. Great argument.

  6. Brent,

    I thought all students were required to have a personal computer? It's not like anyone actually checks this, but I think it is something that has already been in place. So maybe look into that.


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