Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TC Hildebrand 2pm

1. Claim- Students enrolled in General education classes should not have to pay to attend performances required for the class.
Reason- because its unfair to ask poor college students to pay to view performances that they will be graded on.
Assumption- Students dont have much money to be spending as it is

2. Claim- Snowball Fights should be allowed on campus
Reason- Snowball fights are fun and encourage unity between students
Assumption- everyone loves snowball fights

3. Claim- Textbooks should be less expensive, or should be worth more upon return after semester
Reason- Because Students are having to spend crazy amounts on textbooks
Assumption- it doesnt take that much money to print a textbook


  1. Hey I like your claim about textbooks. One solution you could consider is having BYU professors write their own textbooks (like our own WRTG 150 texts were written here at BYU). That way it would be much less expensive and the content would conform to their own teaching.

  2. I like the first claim about paying to see performances. I know for one of my brother's generals he had to see like 7-10 performances, and that adds up. Maybe get some figures together and average them to see how much students are having to pay. If you know some people who have had to do this, see if they feel like they learned anything relevant to the class that required they go.

  3. TC,

    I have two main concerns/counterpoints to bring up. First, snowball fights are banned because of liability to the school and lawsuits. In today's day and age too many people get sued over injuries related to this kind of thing happening on their property. Second, the textbook argument is really a tricky one and you need to talk to the bookstore and make sure you understand the finances involved rather than just make an argument that student's need more money.


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