Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glen-Olav Collett 11am

Idea 1

Claim - There should be more than just two meal plan choices for Helaman Halls.

Reason - More choice of where you can go to eat.

Assumption - That people want to go other places to eat.

Idea 2

Claim - Politicians should be required to disclose all campaign funds.

Reason - So that voters can see who is backing the politicians.

Assumption - Seeing who backs the politicians makes it easier to see hidden motives.

Idea 3

Claim - Chickens should be required to be vaccinated for salmonella.

Reason - Salmonella is a serious illness and vaccination could prevent it.

Assumption - People don’t want to get sick.

1 comment:

  1. Glen, where else would you like to eat on campus where our cards are not accepted? The two meal plans offered for Helaman Halls residents are, in my opinion, the two with the most eating options.


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