Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jimmy Vandruff 2pm

Option #1
C. All the student seating at BYU Football games should be grouped together in one section and not randomly distributed throughout the stadium.
R. Putting the students in their own section will bring more school pride, better attendance at football games, and a better home crowd.
A. Having the students sit together at a Football games will bring about benefits.
Option #2
C. Students should be required to sit in the middle seats of the rows. This will leave the sides open for late coming students.
R. Doing this it will cause less of a class disruption and allow teachers to better assess the attendance and capability of adding more students.
A. People sitting where they want and others coming in late causes disruptions.
Option # 3
C. BYU wards, CES firesides, and other organizations should put less focus on the students finding their “Eternal Companion”.
R. Many people get married before they truly are ready to do so causing divorce or problems later on.
A. People aren’t ready to get married and these marriages lead to divorce or problems.


  1. I like your option 3. There is a religion professor named Daniel K Judd who has done a lot of research on marriage in Utah County and it's pretty surprising what he has found that may support your argument.

  2. Jimmy,

    You aren't the first one to bring up the third claim. My concern is that this is usually something church leaders are doing because of personal inspiration and direct guidance from general authorities. However, as long as you realize that your paper's main audience was general authorities, then maybe could still do this.


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