Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bryan 2pm

1: BYU should build a large multi-level parking garage because it would allow more people to drive to school and save on time.-assumption : People want to drive to school to save time.

2: There should be public printers in more spots around campus because it would make it easier to print out assignments for class.-assumption : Students prefer to print out papers for class and are currently not able to easily do so.

3: The USA should adopt a nation wide siesta from 2 to 4 in the afternoon because it would keep us fresh and rested and improve productivity in businesses and schools.-assumption : Everyone is tired from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and productivity would improve if we were rested.


  1. Your second idea is great one! I was just thinking about how i wished there was more accessible printers on campus, especially for freshman

  2. watch out for the air space rule on BYU in your first arguement. BYU cant take up anymore air space but can build underground. This is going to greatly increase the cost of building the parking garage.

  3. I like your idea about BYU making a parking garage. I’m pretty sure your audience: the students, faculty, and administration alike would agree that more parking is necessary. What I would suggest you to do is focus on the financial benefit of making a parking garage. You could mention that parking at this garage would require the students to purchase a pass. This would increase the revenue of the school or at least help them cover the expensive acquired during the construction of making a garage.

  4. Amen to the first one!! not only is it a good time will decrease the temptation of parking illegally. i am so sick of getting parking tickets because i am running late to class and i cant find a parking i just park illegally!

  5. Bryan,

    I think you've got some great ideas. I'm not sure you could really sell the nationwide siesta, but I think you know that. ;)

    As far as the first argument, I know Ben brought up air space. This is not something I am familiar with and would confirm that with an official source before writing off a parking garage. I think you could make a really good argument about funding this through charging for parking permits and cutting down on police patrols.

    The second idea, more public printers, is also intriguing. If you do this argument, I would like to see you offer up specific places where public printers could be placed, as well as taking into account the additional cost of new printers, and proving to the reader we do actually need more printers.

  6. i defiantly agree with your second idea. more than once i have forgotten to print something off at home and then am unable to do so in campus. not only are there not enough available printers but the process one must take in order to retrieve data from a personal computer and then print off on a school printer is very time consuming and has caused me some stress in the past.


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