Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Margot 11am

1. There should be longer and more often visiting hours in Helaman Halls. Assumptions: That people will want to have longer visiting hours with the opposite sex.

2. Prop 8 should only allow people of the opposite sex to get married. Assumption: That marriage between a man and a women is the only correct way for marriage.

3. Facebook is a good way to connect with friends and stay in touch with people all over the world and through your life. Assumption: That facebook with connect people from all over and is a good website for everyone.


  1. For your first claim you should also state some negative affects of the current system, like saying that, those students might have been working on a project for school together and they need to do it later because both of them work, just a suggestion.

    Tanner Boice

  2. also you can say that they dont want students getting in trouble doing inappropriate things in the dormitories, but they could just as well do those things outside anywhere, its a more controlled enviroment and safer in the dorms

  3. Margot,

    I think your last two ideas are kind of non-arguments because they are arguing for the status quo or what most people on campus generally believe.


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