Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seth Howard 2PM

1)Claim: Athletic Uniforms should be UNIFORM, or all of a similar nature to best keep the honor code
Reason: Some uniforms for athletics are more revealing then others, yet they all rely on the "uniform" aspect to prove that it's OK to wear and not be too revealing or against the honor code.
Assumption: People would be

2) Claim: People don't need to cut across the grass to get to class
Reason: They are killing the grass and making BYU incur expenses.
Assumption: People can get to class on time and safely by walking on concrete paths.

3) Claim: Students shouldn't have to live within 2 miles of class.
Reason: Students can get an education and be responsible without being so close to campus
Assumption: Students can get to class without problems and perform well, even though they aren't so close.

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