Wednesday, September 15, 2010

David 2pm

Idea 1. Claim/ athletics uniforms should conform to the honor code
Assumption/ we all sided the honor code we all need to keep it on and off the fild.

Idea 2. Claim/ Less Fast food on BYU campus
Assumption/ obesity is a big problem at BYU and it keeps increasing every year

Idea 3. Claim/ Cell phones should be band on BYU campus
Assumption/ cell phones take away from learning and are a distraction in class


  1. Idea 2: Eliminating fast food on campus, will virtually eliminate all foods... I don't think it would be very efficent. However did you know on campus there is The Pendulum Court restaurant it is a lab run by dietetics students. It is a required course designed to give them hands-on experience in a quantity food setting. If it is ran by dietetic students its going to be on the healthier side. I think a better claim might be adding healthier choices on campus rather than taking out fast food.

  2. I agree with Rebecca. I think that eliminating fast food wouldn't be very efficient. Everyone knows that if you eat a lot of fast food, your chances of obesity increase, yet a lot of people still like to eat it. There are healthy places to eat on campus as well as fast food, so I would consider re-thinking this topic.

  3. the third claim has a counter argument....because there are a ton of students that use their phones for calendars or taking notes or looking up the class on the internet. By banning cell phones because some students have it as a makes everyone else also pay the consequences.

  4. David,

    I think every one of these topics could make good arguments. Yes, they all have counterpoints, but that's part of an argument is the two sides. I would agree with the idea that for fast food you should argue an increase in healthier foods rather than a complete banning of fast food.

    For the uniform topic, I would talk about all the possible modest options for uniforms and find stats/quotes from athletes (both at BYU and other places) that talk about how a more modest uniform doesn't deter from athletic performance.

    Adam brings up a good point on the cell phones, but I don't think it's not arguable. All students are also required to have laptops and as far as class learning works, a laptop should be able to do everything (and more) that their phone does.

    No matter what topic you choose, make sure you try to include emotional, logical, and credible appeals throughout your paper.


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