Monday, February 28, 2011

Issues Is Good

I am going to write about either education, immigration, or offshore drilling. I'm not sure of a specific argument or topic but I'll get around to it. Thank you.

Issue Paper

I am thinking about arguing that the prevention of issues such as anorexia and bulimia should be taught in public education systems.  Especially in countries such as Lithuania where this is a major problem.

sarah hill issues paper

I plan on writing my issues paper about gangs. Specifically the MS-13 which is a gang that has come to the US from El Salvador and is now in multiple other countries. I want to argue that the US should adopt some of the ways that these other countries use to control the gang.

Issues Paper

I plan to write on the speed limits in Europe compared to ours. After I do the research and figure who has the least amount of crashes and death rates I will make an argument about which speed limit laws are better.

Issues Topic

I am probably going to argue for the legalization of marijuana in the United States. I will look at the positives and negatives of having it legal in countries such as Holland and the effects of the pretty much semi-legalization of marijuana in states like California and Colorado.

Eric Moore

mackenzie andelin

I am going to write my paper on fast food and obesity.  I am going to talk about the negative effects american fast food chains have had on other countries. It might change if there isn't enough information on it, but who isn't worried about obesity these days?

Issues Paper

I plan on writing my issues paper on the different educational systems in the world compared to the United State's system. After I do some research, I will make an argument for or against changing our current system to another system that another country has in effect that could potentially work better.

my unicorn named helena.

As far as i know right now i will be writing about the liberal arts in the education system and the effects of them in school now and contrasting them when they arent in school.

if all else fails ill probably do gun control.


Issue paper topic

I want my topic to be: Taking harmful medicines off the market. With the resources and science skills we have today, we shouldn't be having harmful medicines out on the market. Often there are medicines that help one thing, but damage something else.
~Rebekah Boaz

Issues Paper

I will probably write my issues paper on the current health care in the United States and how it needs to become a more nationalistic health care. I am still deciding whether it needs to be full national health care or something similar to national health care. I am going to use the health care systems in other countries and use those as my basis of how America should model their health care system after.

issue paper

i am planning on writing about DUI's in other countries compared to america. i will look for what other countries punishments are and see if they have less infractions. then i will argue that america needs a harsher punishment for DUI so there will be less drunk drivers on the roads

Tubas and Diamonds...

I'm planning on writting about the education systems in different countries around the world. I'm going to find our how they differ between locations, deduce which works the best, and make an argument supporting that one.

Issues Paper

I will discuss the problem of natural vs. processed foods in nations around the world and either a) how the introduction of processed foods has led to the disintegration of health in poorer countries or b) how richer countries need to return to natural foods and how they should go about doing so...

Issues Paper

I'll probably do my paper on the global energy crisis. I need to figure out a good argument for it though.

Issues paper

As of now, I'm writing about the potential harms of genetically altered foods. I will speak about the potential impacts on the environment, the ethics of the situation, and and the effects this would have on poorer countries.

Issues Paper Topic

I'm planning on writing about human trafficking in countries. I currently want to focus on the different ways countries try to prevent it and see if a specific country has the best plan as of yet.

issues paper

I'm planning on writing my issues paper on poor education in a foreign country. I want to focus on an organization that is helping this country establish a better education system so I can persuade people to join or donate to the organization.

Issues Paper

I have chosen to write about legalizing medical marijuana. I will explore and search for facts that included the pros and cons of use (dose sizes, affects, etc) and the international history of this debate. I am hoping to argue against legalizing medical marijuana; however, I am going into this open minded and if enough evidence is found for legalizing, then I will change my argument accordingly.

Issues Paper

I've decided to write my issues paper on the widespread plague of obesity among Americans. I will argue that the massive amounts of fast food, carbonated beverages, and snacky foods available are contributing to the massive weight gain in the United States.

Issues Paper

I am going to do my Issues Paper on disabilities(or learning disabilities) in America and then exploring the disabilities in other countries and how it affects peoples social standing. As well as if they have any special treatments. I will argue that countries need to have to be taught about disabilities and to provide medication.