Saturday, March 20, 2010


Our group is focusing on the Football program we have at BYU and recruiting players to come and play for our school.
-Brittany, Allyssa, Steven, Jordan, Tyler

Persuasive Brochure

Our group is focusing on the outdoor activities near BYU year-round. Some areas we will focus on are skiing, the salt flats and sand dunes, the provo river, and rock canyon. We will further look at the courses BYU has to offer in outdoor recreation.
Our group is Anthony, Emily, Tyler, Ryne, and Dustin.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BYU Brochure: Ryan Roundy, Austin Huntsman, Garrett McClintock and Matthew Green

For our brochure we are going to advertise the diversity of students at BYU. We want to disprove the idea that everyone at BYU is a carbon copy of the other.

BYU Brochure

Our group has chosen to focus our brochure on the outdoor recreation that is around BYU specifially in the winter. We are going to use ski resorts and other various activities. We'll include Outdoors unlimmited as a supplier to BYU students and focus our topic about BYU being the perfect location for outdoor adventures