Monday, October 26, 2009

i chose to write my issues paper on the business trading between the united states and other countries.
some examples i would use is whats the highest product being traded, and what problems come with it, like the demand, high cost, and troubles that come with it.

Issues Paper Topic

A topic that interests me is new effective cancer treatments world-wide. I will find reasearch on where the most effective cancer treatments are taking place and compare it to the procedures or what is available here in the U.S. Depending on what informaiton I find will determine the actual argument or side I will take. Another topic that sparks my interest is public transportation internationally. Comparing the new and old methods of transportation that are used within each or certain countries and compare or talk about what ones are the most practical and effective. And lastly a topic that could be pretty fun to research would be obesity and nutrition trends world-wide in comparison to the U.S.
I will be writing my paper on the difference in education between the US and China, and the effectiveness of the programs. I will decide what to argue when I understand the specifics, and the impact of both sides.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I want to write my paper on the black market. I want to deal mainly with the illegal weapons deals that are done between nations.

Issues Paper topic

I would like to write on the spread of disease and the efficacy of vaccinations throughout the world. Specifically, I would like to talk about AIDS, Hep A & B, and polio, because each of these diseases is widespread and have dire effects.

Issues topic

My topic is going to be about North Korea and their denuclearization programs. i haven't done lots of research yet but there is much i can write about. the UN has started to impose sanctions on North Korean nuclearization and space programs because of their recent missile/nuclear warhead activity. they have been found launching missiles instead of satellites. US as also had a run in with them because they have been found selling nuclear technology to other countries like Serbia and Iran. i will do research and write about similar topics

Topic for Issues paper

I plan to write on something about travel. I want to write on the laws that countries have for its citizens and how those laws and legal aspects change as visitors come to the country. I want to focus on countries such as the U.S., France, Germany and maybe even Mexico and Canada.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A possible topic for someone

Below is clip from a piece on CNNs website. 
This brings up the concept of the international right of the press. Many countries censor their press 
and punish reporters for covering or reporting certain things. Even in America we have debates 
about things like balanced coverage or the recent attempt of the White House to exclude Fox News
from a White House press conference.

  • (CNN) -- A Saudi court sentenced a female journalist Saturday to 60 lashes for her work on controversial Arabic-language TV show that aired an episode in which a man bragged about his sex life, two sources told CNN.

Issues Topic

I am thinking about doing the topic of the difference between American medicine/medical procedures and Asian medicine/medical procedures. Focusing on a topic such as acupuncture or traditional medicine.

Or I was thinking about animal trafficing/endangered species.

issues paper topic

I was thinking about writing a paper on torture..but it could change.

Amber's Topic

My topic for right now is Anorexia...might change!

Daniel Freeman's topic

Topic: forced democracy in the Middle East

Issues Paper

I plan on writing my paper about international adoption. I hope to specifically focus on the atrocious problems that happen when putting a child up for adoption and when parents receive their child. For example, I have heard that people in foreign countries go in hospitals and steal babies to put them up for adoption to get money. Also, Miss Larsen said that many people murder their child after gettting them from another country because they decide they don't like them anymore. Basically, I will discuss the negative side of international adoptions.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Democracy in Latin America

Issue: Global Relief Efforts

My topic for the Issues paper is going to be International Relief Efforts. I am either going to narrow it down to relief following natural disasters, or relief following wars and other things like that.