Saturday, October 24, 2009

Issues Paper

I plan on writing my paper about international adoption. I hope to specifically focus on the atrocious problems that happen when putting a child up for adoption and when parents receive their child. For example, I have heard that people in foreign countries go in hospitals and steal babies to put them up for adoption to get money. Also, Miss Larsen said that many people murder their child after gettting them from another country because they decide they don't like them anymore. Basically, I will discuss the negative side of international adoptions.


  1. Check out the following link. There is some great stuff in Times and Newsweek about adoptions.

  2. A possible thing you might want to research is perhaps, about how the international adoption thing results in people stealing other peoples babies to sell for adoption- i think i heard something about that before.

    Also, maybe the strange amount of celebrities who adopt children from other countries? I sorta feel like its more of a publicity stunt than about them wanting/caring about the kid as much, but its all strange when it comes to celebrities and stuff like that.

  3. I served at an orphanage in Haiti, and I can definitely attest that the program is messed up. There are people that make money off of it just for signing a piece of paper, and intentionally make it extremely difficult at the expense of the children, and not out of concern for them. It was a combination of laziness and money. I would look into the Haitian system. It's pretty messed up.

  4. This is a very interesting topic. I know several international adoptions that have been very successful, but is sad to learn about the unsuccessful ones. Good luck with research!


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