Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am thinking about writing on eating disorders is America as well as other countries.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am going to write something along the lines of immigration, and deportation compared with the US.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i think i am going to write about gun control- Quinn Smith class time 11

Issues topic: Elizabeth Lin

My topic is on education systems or Aids treatments in different countries.
-Lizzie Lin: 11am class

Issues Ideas

Drug Cartels- How we can control them?/the solution to stopping them.

Death Penalty- How are other countries punishing felons? Should America make Nation wide Death Penalty?

Issue Paper

My topic is criminal justice system worldwide.
Tim Johnson

Issues 2pm James H

The world view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Nick Nelson 11 am

My idea is Comparing Education Systems between America and other countries

Issue Paper

my ideas are: American schools vs. international and possible changes that need to be made


gov. health care around the globe

Issues 2pm Ben

Looking at how permitting hunting on preserves increases animal population growth, or on government policies on where the internet 'boundaries' lie for a country and its citizens.

Issue Paper

The use of torture on criminals
my topic is going to be Rugby World Cup 2011
vasha Burrows

Issue Paper Topic

The biological differences between men and women.


The effects of national health care upon a nation.


The effects of competition within societies.

Sarah Darby

My idea is alternative fuel

Issues Paper topic

The laws the United States has regarding the protection and rights of human trafficking victims are not effective, as they place the victims in more danger.


Internationally adopted children should not be considered trafficking victims unless they have been exploited for benefit or profit.

Issues paper

Tanner Combs


issue topic

Relations in the Middle East

issues paper idea

human hights issues involving diamond mining in Sierra Leone

Bryan McGrath

corruption in politics and government

Issues Paper topic

The effects of technology on families around the world.

Margot Money

International protection of animals

Issue topic

Immigration and its effects on economies

Monday, October 25, 2010


Media violence

Issue Paper Idea

I am thinking about writing on cancer and the treatments from other countries.

global effects of war on terrorism

Brooke Arrington-- 11 am

I am going to write about American policy in regards to the Mexican drug war

Wil Groesbeck

I will write about global currency.

David Williams


My Paper Subject - Adam Ashby 2PM

I am going to write my paper about "Gun Control" in the US and other countries.

Research Topic

American influence and the effects of trade on Japanese culture.