Monday, March 7, 2011

My Idea

My Topic is on Bilingual Education. If it helps or hurts english proficiency in the US/

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i am doing my issue's paper on gun control because i know there are plently of scholarly journals i can find for research. Also i think it is an issue many talk about today.

Issues paper

I will be writing my issues paper on how global warming has been blown way out of proportion.

Issue Paper Topic

I will be writing my Issue Paper on the legalization of Marijuana. Specifically comparing the policy in the United States to that of other countries that allow Marijuana for recreational use, such as the Netherlands. My argument is that the United States should legalize Marijuana in the country for study and medicinal use by arguing that the potential benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Issues Is Good

I am going to write about either education, immigration, or offshore drilling. I'm not sure of a specific argument or topic but I'll get around to it. Thank you.

Issue Paper

I am thinking about arguing that the prevention of issues such as anorexia and bulimia should be taught in public education systems.  Especially in countries such as Lithuania where this is a major problem.

sarah hill issues paper

I plan on writing my issues paper about gangs. Specifically the MS-13 which is a gang that has come to the US from El Salvador and is now in multiple other countries. I want to argue that the US should adopt some of the ways that these other countries use to control the gang.

Issues Paper

I plan to write on the speed limits in Europe compared to ours. After I do the research and figure who has the least amount of crashes and death rates I will make an argument about which speed limit laws are better.

Issues Topic

I am probably going to argue for the legalization of marijuana in the United States. I will look at the positives and negatives of having it legal in countries such as Holland and the effects of the pretty much semi-legalization of marijuana in states like California and Colorado.

Eric Moore

mackenzie andelin

I am going to write my paper on fast food and obesity.  I am going to talk about the negative effects american fast food chains have had on other countries. It might change if there isn't enough information on it, but who isn't worried about obesity these days?

Issues Paper

I plan on writing my issues paper on the different educational systems in the world compared to the United State's system. After I do some research, I will make an argument for or against changing our current system to another system that another country has in effect that could potentially work better.

my unicorn named helena.

As far as i know right now i will be writing about the liberal arts in the education system and the effects of them in school now and contrasting them when they arent in school.

if all else fails ill probably do gun control.


Issue paper topic

I want my topic to be: Taking harmful medicines off the market. With the resources and science skills we have today, we shouldn't be having harmful medicines out on the market. Often there are medicines that help one thing, but damage something else.
~Rebekah Boaz

Issues Paper

I will probably write my issues paper on the current health care in the United States and how it needs to become a more nationalistic health care. I am still deciding whether it needs to be full national health care or something similar to national health care. I am going to use the health care systems in other countries and use those as my basis of how America should model their health care system after.

issue paper

i am planning on writing about DUI's in other countries compared to america. i will look for what other countries punishments are and see if they have less infractions. then i will argue that america needs a harsher punishment for DUI so there will be less drunk drivers on the roads

Tubas and Diamonds...

I'm planning on writting about the education systems in different countries around the world. I'm going to find our how they differ between locations, deduce which works the best, and make an argument supporting that one.

Issues Paper

I will discuss the problem of natural vs. processed foods in nations around the world and either a) how the introduction of processed foods has led to the disintegration of health in poorer countries or b) how richer countries need to return to natural foods and how they should go about doing so...

Issues Paper

I'll probably do my paper on the global energy crisis. I need to figure out a good argument for it though.

Issues paper

As of now, I'm writing about the potential harms of genetically altered foods. I will speak about the potential impacts on the environment, the ethics of the situation, and and the effects this would have on poorer countries.

Issues Paper Topic

I'm planning on writing about human trafficking in countries. I currently want to focus on the different ways countries try to prevent it and see if a specific country has the best plan as of yet.

issues paper

I'm planning on writing my issues paper on poor education in a foreign country. I want to focus on an organization that is helping this country establish a better education system so I can persuade people to join or donate to the organization.

Issues Paper

I have chosen to write about legalizing medical marijuana. I will explore and search for facts that included the pros and cons of use (dose sizes, affects, etc) and the international history of this debate. I am hoping to argue against legalizing medical marijuana; however, I am going into this open minded and if enough evidence is found for legalizing, then I will change my argument accordingly.

Issues Paper

I've decided to write my issues paper on the widespread plague of obesity among Americans. I will argue that the massive amounts of fast food, carbonated beverages, and snacky foods available are contributing to the massive weight gain in the United States.

Issues Paper

I am going to do my Issues Paper on disabilities(or learning disabilities) in America and then exploring the disabilities in other countries and how it affects peoples social standing. As well as if they have any special treatments. I will argue that countries need to have to be taught about disabilities and to provide medication.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

#1) Claim: BYU needs to re-design their website
Reason: It is difficult for prospective and incoming students to navigate
Assumption: If BYU makes their website more intuitive, it will be easy for prospective students to navigate it/research about BYU

#2) Claim: Swearing in class is an issue at BYU
Reason: Although swearing is against the standards of the church, the Honor Code does not have a clause addressing swearing.
Assumption: In-class swearing will cease when a clause addressing the issue is added to the Honor Code

#3) Claim: The fact that standards of modesty in the performing arts and sports can be different than standards of modesty elsewhere on campus is not hypocrisy.
Reason: The honor code office has set out specific standards of modesty for the performing arts and sports because such disciplines often require costume that is "immodest" on the rest of campus.
Assumption: "Immodest" clothing is not immodest unless the Honor Code specifically states it as such, and those standards of modesty differ according to specific situations.

3 OP Eds

Claim: A person supporting the war does not disqualify him/her from being a suitable speaker at BYU.

Reason: Gordon B Hinckley was a suitable speaker at BYU and he supported the war.

Assumption: Gordon B. Hinckley is a suitable speaker at BYU

Claim: The Equal Enforcement letter needs to not throw athletes under the bus.

Reason: Athletes wear clothing that is practical for their sports such as a speedo

Assumption: Speedos are practical clothing for athletes.

Claim: Congress can create laws that apply to the sale and possession of all firearms.

Reason: The Commerce Clause grands Congress ability to regulate any financial transaction that occurs across state lines.

Assumption: Financial transactions are regulated by the Commerce Clause.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Eds

Claim: Pedestrians around campus shouldn't walk across the street and expect cars to stop for them.
Reason: Drivers have to be more on edge because they are afraid they'll hit someone.
Assumption: Pedestrians should wait for cars to pass before crossing the street.

Claim: The school doesn't do enough to combat the parking problem.
Reason: The new broadcast building was built instead of more parking lots.
Assumption: Broadcasting buildings don't do anything to help people park.

Clam: BYU's restaurant and cafeteria foods are too expensive.
Reason: Students don't have that much money.
Assumption: Students without money can't eat on campus.

Op Ed Scott Weston

Forcing Freshman into a bundle is not good
-You have to choose the classes according to what time fits best, not what teacher you want the most.
-It is hard for some students to pick a time that works because some classes are only offered during those times that the bundles are offered.

TSA security
-TSA has been going overboard lately with full body scans and pat downs in the airports.
-They are being way too strict and assuming people are carrying things they aren't.
-For example, I got a full body scan and I was patted down because I had a gum rapper in my pocket.

Honor Code Equality
-girls get away with modesty a lot more than guys with facial hair.
-guys are stopped at the cannon center when they only have a little fuz but girls can go in with non modest clothing.
Op Eds-

Claim- The dress code isn't properly enforced in all aspects of BYU campus; it distracts from the spirit of the Honor Code

Reason- Immodest and radical dress cause distractions in class.

Assumption - A person without distracting hair and clothes is more accepted by the mass of BYU students.

Claim- BYU students do not appreciate the ability to hear/see apostles speak

Reason- Attendance to devotionals are dwindling

Assumption- Appreciation involves attendance

Claim- Laptops shouldn't be able to access internet in classrooms

Reason- Note-takings do not require the internet, and Facebook detracts from the attention of the people around them.

Assumption- Internet is more distracting than useful in a classroom setting.

3 OP EDs


Claim: The Library is quiet enough to study in, and doesn't need to get rid of the No Shhh zones

Reason: There are plenty of quiet places to study in the library, especially on some of the lower floors.

Reason: The people in the library that also want to study, such as the students in the periodicals section usually stay very quite.

Assumption: There are quite places in the library


Claim: Raunchy shows shouldn't be shown on byutv

Reason: Raunchy shows detract from the spirit and can lead to bad behavior

Reason: It doesn't comply with the BYU Honor Code

Assumption: Raunchy shows detract from the spirit


Claim: There should be a restriction on laptop use in classes

Reason: The laptops can be used in very distracting ways. This affects not just the student on the laptop, but also all the students around that can see AKA games, facebook, youtube.

Reason: They can be used for taking notes, but usually aren't

Assumption: A lack of laptops in class would make it easier for students to pay attention to the professor

3 op ed ideas

Judgey Judgey
Claim: A prevalent amount of the BYU community could be much more accepting of people, both belonging to our community and not, who have different view points.
Reason: Many people have a hard time finding acceptance and no one likes to be judged!
Assumption: BYU would gain a better social reputation.

Swearing on Campus
Claim: The Honor Code should specify in not allowing swearing on campus.
Reason: Foul language and swearing is becoming more common on campus.
Assumption: BYU would be a more positive environment.

Honor Code Enforcement
Claim: Students are supposed to govern themselves in obeying the Honor Code yet it is still enforced.  The only problem with this is that it is not enforced equally.
Reason: Unequal enforcement can created confusion i.e. short shorts are ok in RB workout classes but not allowed for jogging around Helamen Halls.
Assumption: The Honor Code wouldn't be seen in such a negative light if students followed the Honor Code on their own eliminating the need for excessive enforcement.

Op Ed

Claim: The cannon center should enforce the honor code the same for everyone
Reason: Its not fair if girls who are dressed immodestly can get in to the cannon center but guys who have a little stubble cant
Assumption: People should not have beards and should dress modestly

Claim: Visiting hours should be extended/changed
Reason: Having visiting hours on sunday and wednesday for only two hours is inconvenient and it makes the RAs work on Sundays.
Assumption: People use visiting hours

Claim: The hours at the cannon center should be extended on Sundays
Reason: dinner ends at 6:30 on Sunday which has forced me to go out and break the sabbath if I want to eat
Assumption: Everyone that lives in Helaman Halls eats at the Cannon Center on Sundays

Op Ed Topics w/C,R,A

Topic: Dining Plus Meal  Plan
Claim: The Dining Plus Meal Plan should give us more money on our cards daily
Reason: because $11 isn't enough to buy 3 meals a day from the Cannon Center and still buy something from the Creamery if we need it or a snack from the vending machines
Reason: Sunday meals are about $6 each, so if you only have $11 that given day on your meal plan, you still don't have enough for lunch and dinner on Sunday
Assumption: If meal plans don't cover what we need, then they need to give us more money to budget

Topic: BYU Financial Aid
Claim: BYU Financial Aid services are not reliable
Reason: because they don't process things in a timely manner
Assumption: Services that aren't time efficient aren't reliable and need to be improved

Topic: Overheard @ BYU
Claim: Overheard@BYU needs to be reformed (edited, filtered, etc)
Reason: because not all of the content fits the purpose of Overheard@BYU and represents BYU in a bad light
Assumption: Comments that represent a group of people with high standards in a bad light needs reformation.

Kelsey Gentry

Topic Ideas

Claim: BYU should inform their students on ward boundary changes in advance.
Reason: Students living on a floor divided by multiple ward boundaries are limited in getting to know the rest of their ward in a different building completely.
Reason: The students living on one floor are limited in making friends with other students on the same floor because they are divided into four different wards.
Reason: Students may consider living somewhere else.
Assumption: If students knew in advance any ward boundary changes, then they may have reconsidered where they were staying and had different friend opportunities.

Claim: BYU should be consistent in enforcing Honor Code violations at the Cannon Center.
Reason: There would be less gray areas in terms of acceptable dress standards.
Reason: If BYU won't enforce standards in one instance, why should they in another? Issues with authority.
Assumption: If BYU were more consistent in enforcing standards there would be no room for exceptions.

Claim: BYU should allow students with Dining Plus to use their plans at the Creamery on 9th and the BYU Bookstore.
Reason: It's the student's money-they should choose where to use it. Possibly big waste of money.
Reason: The Creamery at Helaman Halls has little variety compared to the Creamery on 9th.
Reason: If students are allowed to use Dining Dollars on things other than food at the Creamery at Helaman, what makes the BYU Bookstore any different?
Assumption: If students could use their Dining Dollars elsewhere, then their money would be better spent versus buying non essentials just to keep from losing their money .

OpED Rebekah Boaz (claim,reason,assumption)

Claim 1: Utah is not a good place to live.
Reason 1: Because it makes your skin really dry
Reason 2: It has a lot of slow processed construction through out the freeways/roads/highways.
Reason 3: Icy roads in winter
Assumption: A good place to live would have moisture, productive construction, and safe roads.

Claim 2: Largely populated classes are not the best for learning.
Reason 1: Because there are more distractions around you.
Reason 2: It is harder to have a good connection with your professor.
Assumption: Smaller classes have more of a focused learning environment and enables one to easily connect with their professor.

Claim 3: Auditioning in the early mornings for brass musicians is not good.
Reason 1: Because lips are widely known to be tight after waking up in the mornings.
Reason 2: You lose nutritious sleep to wake up even earlier before the audition to warm-up and prepare.
Assumption: A healthy, functional audition time for Brass musicians occurs later on in the day.


ideas for OP ED.

1. The Honor Code is only enforced on men and their facial hair when there are plenty of women that wear immodest clothes and should be punished.

2. Stricter PDA rules. No one wants to see you making out or stroking your nasty significant others hand. Thats disgusting. My apartment is constantly bombarded with couples that love to touch each other. You're not married. Stop acting like you are. BYU should protect the single from the "lovestruck."

3. Change the hours on Parking spaces so anyone can park anywhere at earlier times. Currently their aren't a lot of easy solutions for parking so the least BYU can do it shorten the hours when only specific people can park.


claim 1. the honor code shouldn't be held over students head in such a negative way.
reason 1. The honor code is making students act certain ways out of fear of consequence.
reason 2. BYU Provo is getting a bad reputation because of the way to honor code is seen by others.
assumption: If the honor code office wouldn't act how there are then students wouldn't fear it and BYU would have a better reputation. also, if the honor code wasn't seen as so negative it would actually do better at what it was designed for.

Claim 2. BYU parking is unfair to students
reason 1. there is not enough parking spots to accommodate all the students driving to class on a regular basis. therefore people are going to class hour early to find parking spots or walking long distances because of where they had to park.
reason 2. they are charging students expensive tickets for violating the smallest parking rules. thirty minutes spots are monitored to the second.
reason 3. even student housing doesn't have enough parking spaces for all the people living in BYU buildings.
assumption: if byu would get more parking spaces for students then they could save on money and parking would be fair like it should be.

claim 3. BYU wards should not take roll
reason 1. Home wards don't take roll as if it was a highschool math class.
reason 2. it takes away from the spirit and makes church seem like another credit hour.
reason 3. students attend church services because they have to, not cause they want to.
assumption. if BYU wards didn't take roll then church wouldn't feel like another credit hour

Op Ed topics

So the topic I want to write on the most is the prevalence of the "Utah Mormon" stereotype and how it is sometimes accurate, and sometimes not, and how people should be less judgmental of who you are based on where you are from.

I am also thinking about writing on the registration system and how it is unfair to freshman who do not happen to know upperclassmen that will hold their classes for them. And I'm also thinking about writing on the politics of getting hired and how often times getting hired isn't about what you know as much as who you know.

Op Ed Ideas

Claim: Gun control on campus is too strict
Reason: A few registered weapons on campus could make the campus could make it a lot safer.
Reason: Events like Virginia Tech could be prevented if some students and professors had guns.
Assumption: Guns allowed on campus would make campus safer

Claim: Attendance should not be required.
Reason: Missing a few class periods for any reason can result in failure of the class.
Reason: A catastrophic situation may force some students to have to retake classes.
Assumption: Attendance does not necessarily increase academic performance.

Claim: Men should be allowed to have beards on campus.
Reason: Brigham Young had a beard.
Reason: Moses had a beard.
Reason: Jesus had a beard.
Assumption. All ecclesiastical superstars must have beards.

OP ed topics

I am thinking of writing, about the prices in the creamery because the prices are too high for students who can't afford to pay as much.

Another option would be to write about the parking situation in Heritage Halls, and maybe perhaps Helaman Halls, but mostly Heritage as there less parking space available to the students that are registered to park there.

A third option would be to write about BYU modifying the internet websites available to the students because there are some sites that cannot be accessed that are vital to students needs.

Op Ed Ideas

claim1: there should be more parking for on-campus housing students.
reason1:it is very hard to find parking in "C" lots
reason2: students are given expensive tickets for parking illegally when there are no other places to park.
reason3: it is unsafe for girls to walk alone at night from the helaman parking lots to heritage. because there are no parking spots available in heritage lots
assumption: there are not enough on campus parking spots available. if more spots were made, students would be happier and safer.

claim2: the honor code should not be held over students heads to make them behave in a certain way.
reason: the honor code is intended to hold byu to a higher standard and separate byu students from students at other universities. scaring kids to choose the right is not the right way to handle things. students at byu should make right choices because thats what they want to do, not because they are afraid of consequences with the honor code office.
assumption: people will choose the right for better reasons if the honor code didnt have the image of "You will get kicked out of school if you dont choose the right."

claim3: the new design for the Lavell Edwards Stadium should be put into effect next year.
reason: we will have a stronger, more unified student section if we were all in one area of the stadium instead of being separated at opposite endzones.
assumption: if the new plan is put into effect next year, byu will have a stronger, more lively croud because of the strong student section.

Opinion Editorial Ideas

Claim #1: Students should be able to cross the road on both sides of the street at the intersection just north of the WILK.
Reason: Students who are trying to get to campus from Heritage Halls often have to wait an extra few minutes to cross 2 roads when they could be crossing one.
Assumption: If students had the ability to cross both sides of the street then they would not have to wait extra minutes on the sidewalk and risk being late to classes or other events.

Claim #2: The BYU Creamery should lower its prices for BYU students.
Reason 1: College students have a lot of things to pay for, so they don't have that much money they can waste on food.
Reason 2: Most groceries at the BYU Creamery on 9th are more expensive than other proximal grocery stores.
Assumption: Students could save more money and buy more food if the Creamery on 9th wasn't so expensive.

Claim #3:Heritage Halls should make more available parking spots.
Reason 1: It is often very hard to find legal parking spots in lot "C".
Reason 2: There are many students who have recieved parking tickets because they parked somewhere illegal when there was no other place to park.
Reason 3: The 15/30 minute parking spots are often empty during the time they are enforced, but after 4:30 (the time they are not enforced) they are most always full.
Assumption: There is not enough parking spaces for all the students who desire to park in the Heritage Parking lot. If students had more available parking spots they would not recieve as many parking tickets.

opinion editorials

claim one: it's not what fast food places sell, but what we buy that is making us fat.

  • reason: fattening food is sold at fast food places and yes it is cheaper, but many fast food places have healthier options such as fruit, a lower-calorie list, salads and water.
  • assumption: buying the healthier options at fast food restaurants will lower our likelihood of becoming fat. 
claim two: the honor code needs to be enforced equally among students.
  • reason one: boys are forced to shave for having a little bit of scruff whereas girls can get by in the cannon center or testing center wearing too short of dress/shirt/shorts or leggings as pants.
  • reason two: shorter girls can get away more often with wearing shorter clothing because it doesn't look as short on them as it would on a taller girl. 
  • assumption: if BYU enforced the honor code more fairly, no one would be getting "picked on" or the "short end of the stick." honor code enforcing among all students would be equal and fair, leading to less annoyed students. 

claim three: it's not appropriate to classify students on there level of mormon-ness (good mormon/bad mormon)

  • reason: we all come from different backgrounds and households.  we we're all taught slightly differently from one person to the next.  it is not fair to judge someone on "if they go to devotionals or not" or "if they do homework on sunday when you yourself do not."
  • assumption: it is not a sign of  faltering testimony or bad mormon vs. good mormon, it's simply what you personally find appropriate. 

OpEd Thoughts

1. Claim: The student weightroom at BYU is unsafe.
Reason: The weightroom is too small for the amount of students that use it daily. For a university the size of BYU, they should have better facilities.
Assumption: A weightroom that is too small, is unsafe.

2. Claim: Students at BYU should use crosswalks to cross streets.
Reason: It is dangerous for the students to do otherwise. Drivers also must make unexpected stops to avoid hitting jaywalkers.
Assumption: Crosswalks can help fascilitate the peace of drivers and safety of the students.

3. Claim: Freshmen "bundle classes" are inconvenient.
Reason: Most students are fully capable of choosing which classes to take without the help of the university. The bundles limit the options freshmen students have to choose the teacher and times of class that work best for their schedule.
Assumption: The bundle classes restrict the agency of students by forcing them take certain classes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Op Ed Brainstorm

Claim 1: People who attend sporting events should stop being fake fans.
Reason: It is really annoying and hard to pay attention to the game when all you can hear is the person behind you screaming inapplicable remarks.
Assumption: The general population at sporting events likes to attend games without having to listen to unknowledgable fans.

Claim 2: Students at BYU should cheer for BYU teams and not favor another school.
Reason: Students should have pride in the school they attend. Just because we all come from different places, many out of state, doesn't meen we shouldn't support our own school.
Assumption: Students at BYU like BYU better then other universities.

Claim 3: Students at BYU shouldn't expect everyone around them to be perfect Mormon's just because they go to an LDS school.
Reason: Everyone isn't perfect. Eventhough the majority of the school is Mormon that doesn't mean that they don't still struggle with some of the rules or standards.
Assumption: Students at BYU are not all perfect.

Opinion Editorials

Claim #1 - The Housing department is being stingy regarding which rooms they will allow students to live in.
Reason #1 - Three of my former roommates left on their missions after Fall semester leaving one bedroom empty and the other with only one resident. Nobody has moved in but the housing department isn't willing to let any of us move into the unused bedroom, allowing us to each have more space.
Assumption #1 - Allowing students to move into the empty rooms would give everyone more space and wouldn't cost the housing department any more.

Claim #2 - On-Campus housing maintenance workers take far too long to process and respond to repair requests.
Reason #2 - Last semester several problems developed in my Heritage Halls apartment. A vent fell off of the door, a sink and a tub wouldn't drain, several lights burned out, our air conditioning didn't work and my roommates closet door fell off. When we called maintenance they referred us to different departments who then referred us back to the original number we had called showing that the department is clearly unorganized. Once we finally got our requests processed, and reprocessed, it still took almost a month and a half before workers came to repair our apartment.
Assumption #2 - If apartments were repaired quicker students would be happier with their living spaces and wouldn't feel like they're paying too much for their housing.

Claim #3 - Parking for on-campus students is excessively difficult to find.
Reason #3 - I live in Heritage Halls but because of all the construction happening just North of Heritage the parking has been cut down significantly. If you live on campus you're only allowed to park in "C" lots. Unfortunately there are only two "C" lots on campus, Heritage Halls and Heleman Halls forcing those of us who live in Heritage to park and walk from the Heleman parking lots or risk getting a hefty parking ticket.
Assumption #3 - If BYU gave on-campus housing students more "C" parking then they wouldn't be so frustrated about choosing to live on campus and wouldn't have to worry about moving their car and being unable to find a parking spot later.

Op Ed Topics

Claim: There should be more privacy in the dorms.
Reason: Nobody wants to see couples making out in their living rooms.
Assumption: Couples have no place to make out except for their living rooms.

Claim: There should be more elective classes considered for General Education credits.
Reason: As my Biology teacher has said: "If you really want to know anything about Biology in the future, you'll just look it up on the Internet."
Assumption: Most students don't retain much information from required Gen Ed classes.

Claim: There needs to be more parking on BYU campus.
Reason: Sometimes, my roommate can't get a legal parking spot on campus and so she has to wake up early in the morning to move her car to a legal parking spot so she doesn't get a ticket.
Assumption: There should be more parking on campus so that people don't get so many tickets.

Opinion Editorial Ideas

Here are some possible topics I am thinking of writing my Op. Ed. on:

1. BYU should equally enforce the honor code whether for men or women. A girl wearing a short skirt to the testing center and being admitted is not fair if a guy gets rejected from having a beard.

2. BYU should provide its students with affordable lunches in the Cougar Eat. Some people cannot afford missing class to go home for lunch to avoid costly dining.

3. BYU should change the privacy settings of its internet to not block so many harmless and entertaining websites.

Opinion Editorials

Claim: The Office of Information Technology needs to adjust the security settings on the schools internet.
reason: The protection against shady websites is so stringent that acceptable websites are being blocked
assumption: The Internet security is only meant to protect the student against immoral websites.

Claim: Students at BYU need to be more tolerant of students that dont follow every single mormon principle.
reason: If a student go against Mormon principles, they are immediately ostracised
assumption: Eveyone has thier own reasons for making "unmormon" decision and we should love them no matter what.

Claim: BYU should stop putting so much pressure on freshmen to go on a mission instead of returning to school sophmore year.
Reason: Because of this pressure, many young men are letting others make the decisoin for them to go on a misison.
Assumption: If one goes on a mission because someone else tells them to, they are going for the wrong reasons and it is not beneficial for that young man.

3 Op Ed Topic Ideas

C) Modesty in costumes of plays put on by BYU theater classes should be more strictly monitored because R) students who aren't in theater classes need to abide by the honor code, so students in plays and performances should have to as well even if they are in a theatrical production. They are still representing BYU.

Assumption: If costumes were monitored more strictly in BYU theatrical plays, the actors would represent BYU better and in a more positive light.

C) The Honor Code needs to be equally enforced on campus because R) guys cannot go even one day without shaving, but girls are walking around all of the time in immodest clothing.

Assumption: If the dress code were more equally enforced, we would not see this double- standard occurring on campus between guys and girls.

C) The new design for the student section at LaVell Edwards stadium should be put into effect next season because R) this way students could show their support without bothering the season pass fans around them. They could stand up, cheer, and shout without fear that they are bothering the alumni and other older fans around them.

Assumption: If the new design for the student section were put into effect next year, everyone would be happier and students could show their support without bothering those around them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 Opinion Editorial topic ideas

C) The parking arrangement on BYU campus is in need of a change because (R) students and faculty are having to come hours earlier than their classes just to get a parking spot.

Assumption: If a better parking arrangement was made then students and faculty would not have to give hours to get a parking spot.

(C) More professors should make their lectures and power points available because (R) students are unable to write or type the notes down as quickly as the professor would like, thus making the information difficult for students to comprehend.

Assumption: If a professor let their students have access to the power points and lectures then students would be able to listen more to what the teacher is saying instead of hurrying to get the notes down.

(C) The dress code here at BYU either needs to be equally enforced or we should not have a dress code because (R) many people get away with inappropriate dress on campus while others are called out on it and required to go change.

Assumption: If the dress code was more equally enforced then people would obey it more often and others would not complain of the unfair experiences they witnessed.