Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Ed Ideas

Claim: Gun control on campus is too strict
Reason: A few registered weapons on campus could make the campus could make it a lot safer.
Reason: Events like Virginia Tech could be prevented if some students and professors had guns.
Assumption: Guns allowed on campus would make campus safer

Claim: Attendance should not be required.
Reason: Missing a few class periods for any reason can result in failure of the class.
Reason: A catastrophic situation may force some students to have to retake classes.
Assumption: Attendance does not necessarily increase academic performance.

Claim: Men should be allowed to have beards on campus.
Reason: Brigham Young had a beard.
Reason: Moses had a beard.
Reason: Jesus had a beard.
Assumption. All ecclesiastical superstars must have beards.


  1. My roommate was actually in a car accident right before school started, and one of his professors wouldn't let him make up the missed days in class, which is pretty stupid if you ask me. It wasn't like it was a ton of assignments or points he missed out on, but it was rather unfair of the professor to do that.

    I really hope you do your 3rd claim just because it made me laugh.

  2. ummm your beard reasons are hilarious! my roomate is dying cracking up!

  3. "A few registered weapons on campus could make the campus could make it a lot safer"
    *first of all, grammatical error.
    - i thought that is what campus police was for. and just because we are in college doesn't mean we are suddenly responsible and intelligent. giving everyone on campus the opportunity to own a gun could eventually backfire on you.



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