Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Ed Topics w/C,R,A

Topic: Dining Plus Meal  Plan
Claim: The Dining Plus Meal Plan should give us more money on our cards daily
Reason: because $11 isn't enough to buy 3 meals a day from the Cannon Center and still buy something from the Creamery if we need it or a snack from the vending machines
Reason: Sunday meals are about $6 each, so if you only have $11 that given day on your meal plan, you still don't have enough for lunch and dinner on Sunday
Assumption: If meal plans don't cover what we need, then they need to give us more money to budget

Topic: BYU Financial Aid
Claim: BYU Financial Aid services are not reliable
Reason: because they don't process things in a timely manner
Assumption: Services that aren't time efficient aren't reliable and need to be improved

Topic: Overheard @ BYU
Claim: Overheard@BYU needs to be reformed (edited, filtered, etc)
Reason: because not all of the content fits the purpose of Overheard@BYU and represents BYU in a bad light
Assumption: Comments that represent a group of people with high standards in a bad light needs reformation.

Kelsey Gentry


  1. On your first topic, a counterargument you might need to address is that people can just use their regular money instead of dining dollars to pay for meals. Also, can you use the dining plus at other places, not just the Cannon? If so, that might be another counterargument to think about. Good luck!

  2. I like your financial aid idea because it is unique. I think that you could find a lot of ways to support that problem and a lot of solutions.

  3. 1st argument: Can people choose plans to give them more money on their dining cards? That could be a counter argument that you could address. I know that there are people who can't afford more than the $11 plan and when they're out, they're out. No more food for them.


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