Thursday, January 20, 2011

Opinion Editorials

Claim: The Office of Information Technology needs to adjust the security settings on the schools internet.
reason: The protection against shady websites is so stringent that acceptable websites are being blocked
assumption: The Internet security is only meant to protect the student against immoral websites.

Claim: Students at BYU need to be more tolerant of students that dont follow every single mormon principle.
reason: If a student go against Mormon principles, they are immediately ostracised
assumption: Eveyone has thier own reasons for making "unmormon" decision and we should love them no matter what.

Claim: BYU should stop putting so much pressure on freshmen to go on a mission instead of returning to school sophmore year.
Reason: Because of this pressure, many young men are letting others make the decisoin for them to go on a misison.
Assumption: If one goes on a mission because someone else tells them to, they are going for the wrong reasons and it is not beneficial for that young man.

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  1. I would be interested in what "principle(s)" this person chooses not to follow.


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