Saturday, January 22, 2011

3 OP Eds

Claim: A person supporting the war does not disqualify him/her from being a suitable speaker at BYU.

Reason: Gordon B Hinckley was a suitable speaker at BYU and he supported the war.

Assumption: Gordon B. Hinckley is a suitable speaker at BYU

Claim: The Equal Enforcement letter needs to not throw athletes under the bus.

Reason: Athletes wear clothing that is practical for their sports such as a speedo

Assumption: Speedos are practical clothing for athletes.

Claim: Congress can create laws that apply to the sale and possession of all firearms.

Reason: The Commerce Clause grands Congress ability to regulate any financial transaction that occurs across state lines.

Assumption: Financial transactions are regulated by the Commerce Clause.

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  1. Your first claim can be argued reasonably well but your reasons and assumption are not very good. Maybe make the reason something about how everyone has different political stances and we should accept others with different stances and the assumption should be something like "a person’s political opinions should not hinder them from speaking at BYU". Or possibly make the claim something a little more broad. It is a really good idea to go with though.


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