Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Ed Ideas

claim1: there should be more parking for on-campus housing students.
reason1:it is very hard to find parking in "C" lots
reason2: students are given expensive tickets for parking illegally when there are no other places to park.
reason3: it is unsafe for girls to walk alone at night from the helaman parking lots to heritage. because there are no parking spots available in heritage lots
assumption: there are not enough on campus parking spots available. if more spots were made, students would be happier and safer.

claim2: the honor code should not be held over students heads to make them behave in a certain way.
reason: the honor code is intended to hold byu to a higher standard and separate byu students from students at other universities. scaring kids to choose the right is not the right way to handle things. students at byu should make right choices because thats what they want to do, not because they are afraid of consequences with the honor code office.
assumption: people will choose the right for better reasons if the honor code didnt have the image of "You will get kicked out of school if you dont choose the right."

claim3: the new design for the Lavell Edwards Stadium should be put into effect next year.
reason: we will have a stronger, more unified student section if we were all in one area of the stadium instead of being separated at opposite endzones.
assumption: if the new plan is put into effect next year, byu will have a stronger, more lively croud because of the strong student section.

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