Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Ed Scott Weston

Forcing Freshman into a bundle is not good
-You have to choose the classes according to what time fits best, not what teacher you want the most.
-It is hard for some students to pick a time that works because some classes are only offered during those times that the bundles are offered.

TSA security
-TSA has been going overboard lately with full body scans and pat downs in the airports.
-They are being way too strict and assuming people are carrying things they aren't.
-For example, I got a full body scan and I was patted down because I had a gum rapper in my pocket.

Honor Code Equality
-girls get away with modesty a lot more than guys with facial hair.
-guys are stopped at the cannon center when they only have a little fuz but girls can go in with non modest clothing.

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  1. Your first argument can be really convincing if you also talk about AP classes and how we are then required to take extra classes. I took Ap government but i still had to take American Heritage because that was the bundle I was in. Also I wanted to take a statics class but I couldn’t because it conflicted with my bundle.


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