Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Eds-

Claim- The dress code isn't properly enforced in all aspects of BYU campus; it distracts from the spirit of the Honor Code

Reason- Immodest and radical dress cause distractions in class.

Assumption - A person without distracting hair and clothes is more accepted by the mass of BYU students.

Claim- BYU students do not appreciate the ability to hear/see apostles speak

Reason- Attendance to devotionals are dwindling

Assumption- Appreciation involves attendance

Claim- Laptops shouldn't be able to access internet in classrooms

Reason- Note-takings do not require the internet, and Facebook detracts from the attention of the people around them.

Assumption- Internet is more distracting than useful in a classroom setting.


  1. On the third claim, you might want to talk to some professors to see if what their opinion is about internet use in the classroom. I know my BoM teacher doesn't even let us use computers in the class.

  2. i feel like since we are in college, we should be responsible enough to monitor our own internet usage. if i check facebook because im bored in class (which happens often) i will probably miss out on material, and so ill have to suffer the consequence of my actions. i feel like now is the time to suffer the consequences of our actions instead of having the college protect us from vital principles we must learn. cause and effect.
    maybe consider that counter argument?


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