Friday, January 21, 2011

OpED Rebekah Boaz (claim,reason,assumption)

Claim 1: Utah is not a good place to live.
Reason 1: Because it makes your skin really dry
Reason 2: It has a lot of slow processed construction through out the freeways/roads/highways.
Reason 3: Icy roads in winter
Assumption: A good place to live would have moisture, productive construction, and safe roads.

Claim 2: Largely populated classes are not the best for learning.
Reason 1: Because there are more distractions around you.
Reason 2: It is harder to have a good connection with your professor.
Assumption: Smaller classes have more of a focused learning environment and enables one to easily connect with their professor.

Claim 3: Auditioning in the early mornings for brass musicians is not good.
Reason 1: Because lips are widely known to be tight after waking up in the mornings.
Reason 2: You lose nutritious sleep to wake up even earlier before the audition to warm-up and prepare.
Assumption: A healthy, functional audition time for Brass musicians occurs later on in the day.

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