Thursday, January 20, 2011

Op Ed Brainstorm

Claim 1: People who attend sporting events should stop being fake fans.
Reason: It is really annoying and hard to pay attention to the game when all you can hear is the person behind you screaming inapplicable remarks.
Assumption: The general population at sporting events likes to attend games without having to listen to unknowledgable fans.

Claim 2: Students at BYU should cheer for BYU teams and not favor another school.
Reason: Students should have pride in the school they attend. Just because we all come from different places, many out of state, doesn't meen we shouldn't support our own school.
Assumption: Students at BYU like BYU better then other universities.

Claim 3: Students at BYU shouldn't expect everyone around them to be perfect Mormon's just because they go to an LDS school.
Reason: Everyone isn't perfect. Eventhough the majority of the school is Mormon that doesn't mean that they don't still struggle with some of the rules or standards.
Assumption: Students at BYU are not all perfect.

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