Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Ed

Claim: The cannon center should enforce the honor code the same for everyone
Reason: Its not fair if girls who are dressed immodestly can get in to the cannon center but guys who have a little stubble cant
Assumption: People should not have beards and should dress modestly

Claim: Visiting hours should be extended/changed
Reason: Having visiting hours on sunday and wednesday for only two hours is inconvenient and it makes the RAs work on Sundays.
Assumption: People use visiting hours

Claim: The hours at the cannon center should be extended on Sundays
Reason: dinner ends at 6:30 on Sunday which has forced me to go out and break the sabbath if I want to eat
Assumption: Everyone that lives in Helaman Halls eats at the Cannon Center on Sundays


  1. I think one of your counter arguments could refer to how people have to work in order to serve you food, so they have to break the sabbath as well.
    Maybe you could also do some research as to why the visiting hours are so different from the rest of campus, that would be really interesting to hear. Why on earh would they choose those two random days of the week, why not even friday or saturday? I feel bad for those of you who live in Helaman.

  2. The cannon center is unequal when it comes to enforcing the honor code. My friends have gotten in wearing leggings as pants or too short of shirts. They receive a warning and are allowed in, whereas boys are literally turned down and forced to shave. I think that if they are going to deny people from eating at the cannon center it should be done equally.

  3. I like your idea of extending the hours at the Cannon Center. I like that you're arguing that BYU promots people to break that Sabbath, which is something that they totally don't support. You could also look up church hours for thsoe living in Helaman Hall to see if those conflict with the closing hours--another reason which would promot people to go out and buy food.


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