Friday, January 21, 2011

Op Ed topics

So the topic I want to write on the most is the prevalence of the "Utah Mormon" stereotype and how it is sometimes accurate, and sometimes not, and how people should be less judgmental of who you are based on where you are from.

I am also thinking about writing on the registration system and how it is unfair to freshman who do not happen to know upperclassmen that will hold their classes for them. And I'm also thinking about writing on the politics of getting hired and how often times getting hired isn't about what you know as much as who you know.

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  1. I am from Utah and I do not like this stereotype as well. After a week or two of living on campus one of my roomates confessed to me that she was scared I was going to be one of those
    "utah mormon"'s who needs to make sure every one and every thing needs to follow the standards 100% of the time. She was quite relieved when she found out I wasn't, but I was kind of offended that she immediately put that label on me before she even knew me.
    Haha I can also atest to your claim about the job hiring politics. I am one of those students who got my job because someone I know works here. I'm not complaining, but I do not think it is fair. Maybe you could talk about how they hire people they know that know nothing about the job when other perfectly qualified applicants get rejected.


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