Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Op Ed Topic Ideas

C) Modesty in costumes of plays put on by BYU theater classes should be more strictly monitored because R) students who aren't in theater classes need to abide by the honor code, so students in plays and performances should have to as well even if they are in a theatrical production. They are still representing BYU.

Assumption: If costumes were monitored more strictly in BYU theatrical plays, the actors would represent BYU better and in a more positive light.

C) The Honor Code needs to be equally enforced on campus because R) guys cannot go even one day without shaving, but girls are walking around all of the time in immodest clothing.

Assumption: If the dress code were more equally enforced, we would not see this double- standard occurring on campus between guys and girls.

C) The new design for the student section at LaVell Edwards stadium should be put into effect next season because R) this way students could show their support without bothering the season pass fans around them. They could stand up, cheer, and shout without fear that they are bothering the alumni and other older fans around them.

Assumption: If the new design for the student section were put into effect next year, everyone would be happier and students could show their support without bothering those around them.

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    C) Parking for BYU should be expanded and different options should be given R) because students are having to fight over parking spots and having to leave at insanely early hours just to find a parking spot.

    Assumption: If there was more parking available to students they could have an easier time finding parking and not have to leave early to get a spot.

    C) Jaywalking and the usage of crosswalks need to be enforced R) because as a driver you are having to be on high alert to make sure you are not going to hit a student. As well as drivers needing to be cognizant of crosswalks because it is considered a 'safe zone' to walk.

    Assumption: If jaywalking and the usage of crosswalks was more enforced then people wouldn't be getting hurt and it would create a safe environment.

    C) Girls walking around campus without being modest has been a cause for contention R) because many other girls find it unfair that they are living to the standards of the honor code while the girls not abiding are just getting away with being immodest.

    Assumption: If modesty was more strictly enforced it would be more fair to all the other girls striving to be modest.


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