Thursday, January 20, 2011

Opinion Editorials

Claim #1 - The Housing department is being stingy regarding which rooms they will allow students to live in.
Reason #1 - Three of my former roommates left on their missions after Fall semester leaving one bedroom empty and the other with only one resident. Nobody has moved in but the housing department isn't willing to let any of us move into the unused bedroom, allowing us to each have more space.
Assumption #1 - Allowing students to move into the empty rooms would give everyone more space and wouldn't cost the housing department any more.

Claim #2 - On-Campus housing maintenance workers take far too long to process and respond to repair requests.
Reason #2 - Last semester several problems developed in my Heritage Halls apartment. A vent fell off of the door, a sink and a tub wouldn't drain, several lights burned out, our air conditioning didn't work and my roommates closet door fell off. When we called maintenance they referred us to different departments who then referred us back to the original number we had called showing that the department is clearly unorganized. Once we finally got our requests processed, and reprocessed, it still took almost a month and a half before workers came to repair our apartment.
Assumption #2 - If apartments were repaired quicker students would be happier with their living spaces and wouldn't feel like they're paying too much for their housing.

Claim #3 - Parking for on-campus students is excessively difficult to find.
Reason #3 - I live in Heritage Halls but because of all the construction happening just North of Heritage the parking has been cut down significantly. If you live on campus you're only allowed to park in "C" lots. Unfortunately there are only two "C" lots on campus, Heritage Halls and Heleman Halls forcing those of us who live in Heritage to park and walk from the Heleman parking lots or risk getting a hefty parking ticket.
Assumption #3 - If BYU gave on-campus housing students more "C" parking then they wouldn't be so frustrated about choosing to live on campus and wouldn't have to worry about moving their car and being unable to find a parking spot later.

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