Friday, January 21, 2011


claim 1. the honor code shouldn't be held over students head in such a negative way.
reason 1. The honor code is making students act certain ways out of fear of consequence.
reason 2. BYU Provo is getting a bad reputation because of the way to honor code is seen by others.
assumption: If the honor code office wouldn't act how there are then students wouldn't fear it and BYU would have a better reputation. also, if the honor code wasn't seen as so negative it would actually do better at what it was designed for.

Claim 2. BYU parking is unfair to students
reason 1. there is not enough parking spots to accommodate all the students driving to class on a regular basis. therefore people are going to class hour early to find parking spots or walking long distances because of where they had to park.
reason 2. they are charging students expensive tickets for violating the smallest parking rules. thirty minutes spots are monitored to the second.
reason 3. even student housing doesn't have enough parking spaces for all the people living in BYU buildings.
assumption: if byu would get more parking spaces for students then they could save on money and parking would be fair like it should be.

claim 3. BYU wards should not take roll
reason 1. Home wards don't take roll as if it was a highschool math class.
reason 2. it takes away from the spirit and makes church seem like another credit hour.
reason 3. students attend church services because they have to, not cause they want to.
assumption. if BYU wards didn't take roll then church wouldn't feel like another credit hour

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  1. Parking is really unfair. I don't have a car and sometimes I am glad I didn't bring mine. Heritage parking is horrible and from what i hear, Helaman parking is a bit better. It's not fair to have limited amounts of parking spaces in Heritage. Students are getting tickets almost every day for parking violations. I think they should create more parking spaces or lighten up on the parking hours/rules.


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