Friday, January 21, 2011

OpEd Thoughts

1. Claim: The student weightroom at BYU is unsafe.
Reason: The weightroom is too small for the amount of students that use it daily. For a university the size of BYU, they should have better facilities.
Assumption: A weightroom that is too small, is unsafe.

2. Claim: Students at BYU should use crosswalks to cross streets.
Reason: It is dangerous for the students to do otherwise. Drivers also must make unexpected stops to avoid hitting jaywalkers.
Assumption: Crosswalks can help fascilitate the peace of drivers and safety of the students.

3. Claim: Freshmen "bundle classes" are inconvenient.
Reason: Most students are fully capable of choosing which classes to take without the help of the university. The bundles limit the options freshmen students have to choose the teacher and times of class that work best for their schedule.
Assumption: The bundle classes restrict the agency of students by forcing them take certain classes.

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