Friday, January 21, 2011

Opinion Editorial Ideas

Claim #1: Students should be able to cross the road on both sides of the street at the intersection just north of the WILK.
Reason: Students who are trying to get to campus from Heritage Halls often have to wait an extra few minutes to cross 2 roads when they could be crossing one.
Assumption: If students had the ability to cross both sides of the street then they would not have to wait extra minutes on the sidewalk and risk being late to classes or other events.

Claim #2: The BYU Creamery should lower its prices for BYU students.
Reason 1: College students have a lot of things to pay for, so they don't have that much money they can waste on food.
Reason 2: Most groceries at the BYU Creamery on 9th are more expensive than other proximal grocery stores.
Assumption: Students could save more money and buy more food if the Creamery on 9th wasn't so expensive.

Claim #3:Heritage Halls should make more available parking spots.
Reason 1: It is often very hard to find legal parking spots in lot "C".
Reason 2: There are many students who have recieved parking tickets because they parked somewhere illegal when there was no other place to park.
Reason 3: The 15/30 minute parking spots are often empty during the time they are enforced, but after 4:30 (the time they are not enforced) they are most always full.
Assumption: There is not enough parking spaces for all the students who desire to park in the Heritage Parking lot. If students had more available parking spots they would not recieve as many parking tickets.

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