Friday, January 21, 2011

3 OP EDs


Claim: The Library is quiet enough to study in, and doesn't need to get rid of the No Shhh zones

Reason: There are plenty of quiet places to study in the library, especially on some of the lower floors.

Reason: The people in the library that also want to study, such as the students in the periodicals section usually stay very quite.

Assumption: There are quite places in the library


Claim: Raunchy shows shouldn't be shown on byutv

Reason: Raunchy shows detract from the spirit and can lead to bad behavior

Reason: It doesn't comply with the BYU Honor Code

Assumption: Raunchy shows detract from the spirit


Claim: There should be a restriction on laptop use in classes

Reason: The laptops can be used in very distracting ways. This affects not just the student on the laptop, but also all the students around that can see AKA games, facebook, youtube.

Reason: They can be used for taking notes, but usually aren't

Assumption: A lack of laptops in class would make it easier for students to pay attention to the professor

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  1. I didn't realize that they were considering getting rid of the no shhh zones in the library. Those are my favorite places to go to work with fellow students. I think you would really have a strong student support base if you were to write this argument.


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