Thursday, September 17, 2009

Op Ed: the effect of media on women in society

The images portrayed of women in the media are unhealthy and detrimental to the moral fiber of society by exerting pressure on women to conform and influence the way we live, work and play. I am going to talk about how the media’s constant bombardment of sexual topics has a direct correlation to the irrelevance of committed relationships, children born out of wedlock and the sanctity of marriage. I am also going to talk about women’s unhealthy view of their bodies and the constant pursuit of perfection as defined by the media. I will also address the possible counter-arguments of the first amendment and it’s regulation of inappropriate material, how the media’s bottom line is to sell information and topics which are popular and profitable, and finally it is ridiculous to assume that the media can actually “make” reasoning and responsible women do anything.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

vending machine prices

My argument is that the price of some of the things in the vending machines are way to high. The prices of things like drinks, ice cream products and dairy items. The cost of these things are higher then the prices at the stores. Drinks here are 1.75, while at the stores you can get the same size bottle for a cheaper price. Some ice cream products are 1.75 as well. As for dairy items yogurts are 1.00, while at stores there only 60-70 cents. I think that people arent getting there moneys worth when they use their money at the vending machines. I say lower the prices, the money we save can be money we can put into something more useful. Things like extra gas money, or save up the extra money for a future trip to the vending machines.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Distraction or fun



ARGUMENT: Students should cut back on visual entertainment, because of occurring problems in our lives that are causing get damage. I am one of those who are guilty of wasting time, that affectes my social life as well as academic life. One of my experiences was a long time ago in a place far, far away, well a actually about an hour away, I just got back from football, tired and sweaty, staggering into my families’ home den, looking for a pleasant place to set. As I entered I found the little black stress box and also a nice landing place, the coach. Slumping into the nice fluffy coach I unknowingly found the remote control and flipped on the television, and just at that moment my family started to show up, sisters with their cute girls all wanting to play games with me. I just sat there not paying attention, because I was so fixated on the TV. I sat there, watching my little stress box until they all went home. I missed a great opportunity to have a blast with my little nieces, just to finish a TV show. I just touched one misfortune but there are others.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Censoring The President

There is an issue in many Utah, LDS populated areas that parents are concerned about their children being victims of liberal brainwashing speeches that are presented to them in their evil schools. These well meaning parents think that in order for children to hear, for instance, the President of the United States, their President, that the children must obtain a parental permission slip. This behavior is illogical and just plain stupid. These parents are treating the President of the United States like an R rated movie. First of all being Liberal is not evil. There are many good LDS members who are active democrats. And not letting your child hear the other side of political views isn't going to help them, it will disable them from understanding politics. I myself am a fairly conservative rebuplican and I understand that it is the parents' right to raise their kids the way they think is best. But whether or not they agree with the views that are held by Their president, they need to hear them. Teach them why you don't agree with what he is saying but quite honestly you need to respect him as the President of the United States. He is Your president and despite the differing of opinions he is only doing what he thinks is best to help this country.

US Media influence in the world's culture.

My topic will be based on how the United States Media could be influencing different cultures around the world. I will to talk about how the United States is being influential on changes in the culture of other countries with its media, marketing and technology power. I will address the causes for the changes and the possible benefits of this influence.

Better enforcement

The Brigham Young University Athletic Department, along with the Honor Code Office should do a better job at enforcing the honor code with all their student athletes. There are certain areas that could be improved. For one, there should be a more strict punishment for those who have already broken the honor code, whether or not it is his or her first time. Secondly, find a more effective way of discipline/probation.

Not Being Recognized

At all the colleges that I have gone to to watch a sports game, there are always more fans at the guys athletics rather then the girls. If you have ever participated in a sport before, then you would know how much the fans help. Women need the support just as much as the guys.
As of this year, the cougaretes have finally decided to go give some support to some of the women's athletics. For that I am glad, but has it seriously taken them this long to finally do that? I do love sports, weather it be guys or girls, I love to watch both. The mens sports can be more exciting to watch, but the BYU womens athletes are your team too.
I have been to a women's BYU basketball game verses Utah, our rivals! There was hardly anybody there. I could have sat anywhere that I wanted. Now when I went to the boy's BYU basketball game, It was packed. I don't know about you, but I see something wrong with this situation. Utah is our rival, so why aren't we supporting the girls when they play Utah?

Op. Ed.

BYU should not close all stores and restaurants during the Tuesday devotionals. I will talk about how inconveniencing it is to students with a full schedule who can not attend the devotionals. I will also discuss the workers of those stores and restaurants, talking about the ones who stay behind and don't attend the devotionals anyway, and the case made for the ones who desire to attend them. I will also discuss the possible motives behind these closures, and their ineffectiveness in accomplishing their goals.

Blackboard Outdated Op Ed

Many students today would complain about blackboard; incomplete downloads, website failure, an annoying and difficult login, multiple subject headings with no material inside, lost work and research, and more. Even professors have complained about the failures and difficulties of blackboard and as a result many don't use it. I must say that it has served well but as we well know technology is always progressing. Could blackboard be outdated?

Education now is becoming more efficient than ever. We have permithian boards, tablet pc's, pens that record a lecture as you take notes, the iPhone with its many applications can benefit the students education but how does blackboard interact with all these new developments? Isn't all blackboard is capable of doing is posting microsoft office docs, pdfs, and internet links. Can you save research? Blackboard doesn't even keep information on a specific topic more than 15 months. I believe we are in need of an update.

Op Ed topic paragraph

There are many things that are included in “being healthy”. Eating right and exercising are key contributors to that. The age range of college students is said to be the healthiest years of your life. I am going to talk about how most college students do have the will to be healthy by eating right and exercising; at the same time it is hard for them to actually follow through with these goals given their specific circumstances. There are many factors that are sometimes not considered such as: priorities, time, and money. School work or social lives tend to take precedence over these side goals of being healthy. Time is very limited with the busy schedules of people and so squeezing in an exercise doesn’t happen or having to grab an unhealthy food on the go can affect their healthy lifestyle. Another thing is healthier foods are often more expensive than unhealthy foods. For example: it’s easy for a starving college student to not want to pay an extra dollar or two for the food that has less calories, or the reduced fat kind of a product, also making it easier for them to purchase things that are cheap in bulk like Macaroni & Cheese or Top Ramen, because every cent matters to a college student. Over eating and under eating is also common among college students as a result of anxiety or other stress related disorders. As you can see, it is hard for a college student to be “completely healthy”, but most of us are trying our best.

Opinion Editorial Topic Paragraph- "Fat Tax"

A tax should be placed on food items high in sugar or fat content. This tax would increase the awareness of unhealthy eating habits and help promote a healthier society. I will address the current obesity problem in the United States and various ineffective methods trying to combat it. I will also address possible uses for the funds generated by the tax. Many questions arise from this topic and I will do my best to answer them. Some of these questions include the determination of what foods to tax and whether healthy eating habits should remain a personal decision. This issue affects BYU students in particular because food high in sugar and fat content is often the cheapest and usually fills a student's apartment. Healthy food is often times more expensive and takes longer to prepare.

Opinion Editorial Paragraph

Minorities should be better included during dance parties. I will talk about how BYU promotes a lot of multicultural activities but multiculturalism is forgotten when it comes to dance parties. I will share a personal experience about it. I will find how many students from different cultures there are. I will propose solutions for this issue and discuss that segregation is not multiculturalism. Also, I will propose the possible counter-arguments of people disliking dance music form other countries and also that not everyone understands the lyrics and they might not want to dance something they do not understand.

Opinion Editorial - Bike Racks

You always see the bike racks around campus, jammed with bikes. It appears that not a single additional bike could fit within those black snakes. Well, you are correct. There is absolutely no room for bikes after the first few hours of classes. Many students live off campus, and use a bike as their sole mode of transportation. But when they arrive at class, they find that all the racks are full or that the nearest bicycle rack is far from their destination. I agree that bikes should be locked up only in designated areas to keep the campus aesthetically pleasing, but in order to accommodate students riding bicycles to school, more bike racks should be placed in convenient areas around campus.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Opinion Editorial Topic Paragraph

Walking around the BYU campus, I laugh to myself as I see many men sporting rather unattractive and scraggly mustaches. I feel rather embarrassed for my peers as I see a small growth of hair on their upper lip. These attempts at facial hair remind me of my childhood in the 90’s as superstars like Tom Selleck and Alex Trebek wore them with pride. However this peach fuzz in today’s society is extremely unattractive. These sad excuses for mustaches would be much more attractive and sophisticated if only the men at BYU were allowed to grow beards. Although beards may occasional look scruffy and primitive, BYU should allow men to grow beards because we are no longer in the 90’s, a scanty mustache is extremely unattractive, and a clean cut, well-groomed beard is just as sophisticated as a well trimmed mustache.

Poor Lighting on Campus/Campus Safety at Night

Every evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have Intro to Humanities of Asia 240 from 6:00- 7:15pm. This is not unlike many students here at Brigham Young University, where, while most classes run from the crack of dawn till mid-afternoon, many are also scheduled to start when the sun begins to set. Thus, when I step out after class and head towards safe little Robison Hall on the other end of campus, I do what many of us have probably done: look around the looming darkness, suppress those worries and what ifs, and scurry home as quickly and quietly as possible. In other words, while I’m not a girl who has Safewalk on speed dial, it is still eerily dark on campus after sunset. Admittedly there are some dim lampposts along the major walkways, but many areas are shrouded in shadow, especially where there are many turns and shrubbery. As well as reducing students’ worries, improving the poor and insufficient lighting on BYU campus will provide safer travelling conditions for the school community, as well as enhance the overall safety and security of campus.

Topic Paragraph

Brigham Young University is a marvelous school both academically and regligiously, espeically if you begin classes as a freshman. However, coming to BYU as a transfer student isn't quite as fun as it might sound. BYU is very stubborn on transfer credits they accept for GE credit. BYU needs a better system for granting credits for transfer students so those students wont have to retake classes they have already completed and their graduation don't wont be postponed.

Topic Paragraph

Topic Paragraph

The English language is the basic means of communication in America. Regardless of ethnic background, we all learn it. As English and modern American cultures are embraced, native languages and cultures are forgotten. America must take action in the prevention of an shift in its heritage and culture. There are three ways to prevent this: Schools are to require students to study a second language, learn their ethnic culture, and take part in family history. This should be done from the beginning of their academic careers. I will also address some counter arguments such as agency and changing times in the world.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Op Ed Topic Paragraph

Consumers should buy organic cotton products to reduce destruction to Uzbekistan and its inhabitants. I plan on discussing the ease and benefit of organic materials, the harmful effects of conventional cotton use on workers, and the environmental issues that are created. I will find out the price differences and benefits of organic products, look at worker conditions, and find the depreciation timeline of the environment. Possible counter arguments may include the inaccessability of organic products, disinterest in workers of other countries, and worthlessness of a person's contribution.

Topic Paragraph

The Music Department at BYU is too understaffed for the demand. I am going to talk about the focus that is placed on music in the LDS society, and compare our school with others with established music programs; the number of students in the programs and the staff. I will find out the numbers of students and staff in other university and in ours, discuss the power and effects of music. I will also address the possible counter-arguments of budget, the school’s focus on math/science/business, and the comparative unimportance of music.

Op. Ed. Topic Paragraph

The BYU website is utilized by thousands of people every day. Students, teachers, future students, parents, etc. use the site for a variety of purposes, making a viable argument for its ease of functionality as well as obvious and logical formalities. The current BYU website is not the user-friendly site one would expect to encounter. Difficulties in making simple payments, uploading information, and BYU's lingo make the site itself frustrating and unnecessarily time consuming.