Monday, September 14, 2009

Blackboard Outdated Op Ed

Many students today would complain about blackboard; incomplete downloads, website failure, an annoying and difficult login, multiple subject headings with no material inside, lost work and research, and more. Even professors have complained about the failures and difficulties of blackboard and as a result many don't use it. I must say that it has served well but as we well know technology is always progressing. Could blackboard be outdated?

Education now is becoming more efficient than ever. We have permithian boards, tablet pc's, pens that record a lecture as you take notes, the iPhone with its many applications can benefit the students education but how does blackboard interact with all these new developments? Isn't all blackboard is capable of doing is posting microsoft office docs, pdfs, and internet links. Can you save research? Blackboard doesn't even keep information on a specific topic more than 15 months. I believe we are in need of an update.


  1. I think your personal experience can be a big help in this paper. Keep in mind that funding is going to be big issue. Also, what about the idea that some teachers are using free technology (such as this blog or google docs instead of blackboard). Maybe there are some free alternatives you could suggest. Just make sure to pick one audience and stick to it--whether it's the admin or the teachers. Also, is there an opportunity for computer science majors do work on apps that could take the place of blackboard--kind of like a senior project that would help both students and the school. Just throwing some ideas out.

  2. I find this topic very interesting. I would agree that a lot of the time blackboard is inferior but an update would be beneficial. I look forward to hearing more about this paper.

  3. Very true! Blackboard in my opinion is outdated. Come on, even the name suggests ancient American history ha ha just kidding. I would bring up the point that most everyone is going to agree with you on this topic. I do think however that people would start to differ as to solutions to the problem and that's where your argument could be the strongest. Like Miss Larsen suggested it would be smart to stick to one audience and write accordingly. It would make things easier.

  4. I love your topic! In fact just today Blackboard has been almost completely useless. With all of the technology we have you would definitely think there would be a more efficient way. I am just curious as to what you will use for your opposing arguments.


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