Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Being Recognized

At all the colleges that I have gone to to watch a sports game, there are always more fans at the guys athletics rather then the girls. If you have ever participated in a sport before, then you would know how much the fans help. Women need the support just as much as the guys.
As of this year, the cougaretes have finally decided to go give some support to some of the women's athletics. For that I am glad, but has it seriously taken them this long to finally do that? I do love sports, weather it be guys or girls, I love to watch both. The mens sports can be more exciting to watch, but the BYU womens athletes are your team too.
I have been to a women's BYU basketball game verses Utah, our rivals! There was hardly anybody there. I could have sat anywhere that I wanted. Now when I went to the boy's BYU basketball game, It was packed. I don't know about you, but I see something wrong with this situation. Utah is our rival, so why aren't we supporting the girls when they play Utah?


  1. Amber, two possible directions for this paper. First, talk about some of the real cool facts and stats of some of the athletes and teams. This would direct your piece mainly to the student body and general fans. Second, direct your complaint to the admin. This would involve giving props to the cougarettes for now attending women's athletics, but also pointing out that if the school doesn't support athletes the students won't either. Just keep in mind that the second direction could be the harder sell, where the first direction will require more fact-finding regarding stats and athlete records.

  2. You should also talk to the Marketing department. Even men's volleyball has been suffering a big decrease in fans for the past 3 years. I think they do a very poor job at advertising.

  3. I agree that this unequal support can be saddening. I think a possible solution you can suggest is better game advertising. Guys sports have been around longer than girls, and don't really need much advertising. Also, if you decide to direct your argument towards the students, be sensitive to the ones who may only have enough time to attend one event. This will help to give you some credibility with them, and then you can ask them to maybe switch off between guys and girls instead of going to the guys only.

  4. Another thing you could try to convince people to do could be bringing friends with them. Focus on "the more the merrier".

  5. I don't think women's athletics do a good enough job of letting everyone know that they are playing utah. I believe that if the teams go around informing everyone about the upcoming games and ask for the student support then they will probably have more attendance. this is a really good argument and I think there does need to be more support for women's athletics


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