Sunday, September 13, 2009

Opinion Editorial Topic Paragraph

Walking around the BYU campus, I laugh to myself as I see many men sporting rather unattractive and scraggly mustaches. I feel rather embarrassed for my peers as I see a small growth of hair on their upper lip. These attempts at facial hair remind me of my childhood in the 90’s as superstars like Tom Selleck and Alex Trebek wore them with pride. However this peach fuzz in today’s society is extremely unattractive. These sad excuses for mustaches would be much more attractive and sophisticated if only the men at BYU were allowed to grow beards. Although beards may occasional look scruffy and primitive, BYU should allow men to grow beards because we are no longer in the 90’s, a scanty mustache is extremely unattractive, and a clean cut, well-groomed beard is just as sophisticated as a well trimmed mustache.


  1. Patrick, it sounds like your audience is the admin or the honor code office--correct? Might I suggest calling the honor code office, telling them you're doing a paper on the honor code and were just wondering what the reasoning is behind allowing mustaches but not beards? I would also like to hear more about how the cultural perception of beards has changed. Keep in mind that if the admin is your audience they aren't too concerned about "looking good." Also, when you say beard do you mean a full beard or are you thinking more of a goatee-stache combo?

  2. I agree that full facial hair can be well groomed and kept up to appear more sophistocated than mustaches, but personally I think that being clean shaven portrays cleanliness, whereas facial hair displays a lack of effort in the morning. Just consider this as a counter argument.

  3. Patrick, this is a great topic and has been disputed for decades. I think you have some good arguments to work with,however, i was a little confused with the flow from mustaches to beards. The critizism at mustaches could be a great point in one of your arguements. id try another introductery approuch.


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