Monday, September 14, 2009

Opinion Editorial Paragraph

Minorities should be better included during dance parties. I will talk about how BYU promotes a lot of multicultural activities but multiculturalism is forgotten when it comes to dance parties. I will share a personal experience about it. I will find how many students from different cultures there are. I will propose solutions for this issue and discuss that segregation is not multiculturalism. Also, I will propose the possible counter-arguments of people disliking dance music form other countries and also that not everyone understands the lyrics and they might not want to dance something they do not understand.


  1. Evita, I think this is a good topic no one has really addressed. Be sure to find out how many countries are represented at BYU, as well as the total student population of International students. Also, you could bring in the fact that many students have served missions to different countries and so can also appreciate this variety. Perhaps see if you can get a stat on how many RMs attend BYU too.

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  3. One thing that may be beneficial is to discuss what types of multi-cultural activites there are and to see how many people attend them. This may be a good point to bring up so that the audience can see what kind of exposure the multi-cultural activities actually have on the students that go. Even though the multi-cultural activites are put on, do many people go? If many people go to these multi-cultural activites it may be interesting to find the cause to why then they enjoy the activities at the multi-cultural setting events but find disinterest in the music at other unlabeled multi-cultural events.


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