Saturday, September 12, 2009

Op. Ed. Topic Paragraph

The BYU website is utilized by thousands of people every day. Students, teachers, future students, parents, etc. use the site for a variety of purposes, making a viable argument for its ease of functionality as well as obvious and logical formalities. The current BYU website is not the user-friendly site one would expect to encounter. Difficulties in making simple payments, uploading information, and BYU's lingo make the site itself frustrating and unnecessarily time consuming.


  1. Ashley good topic, how are you going to support it? What websites are you using as a comparison, how are these more functional? Also, what do you think will be some opposing view points to your argument?

  2. I totally agree with your argument Ashley! I think the website is totally confusing comapared to other universities. I think you should do some research and compare other universities websites to BYUs.


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