Sunday, September 13, 2009

Topic Paragraph

Brigham Young University is a marvelous school both academically and regligiously, espeically if you begin classes as a freshman. However, coming to BYU as a transfer student isn't quite as fun as it might sound. BYU is very stubborn on transfer credits they accept for GE credit. BYU needs a better system for granting credits for transfer students so those students wont have to retake classes they have already completed and their graduation don't wont be postponed.


  1. Lindy, what better system would you suggest? What are the specific problems with the current system? Is there another school or two that you can use as examples?

  2. well just be careful not to be too agressive against BYU. It is a good topic and i think BYU needs to know that it is difficult for these students.

  3. i really like this topic. you have some good arguements and ideas. the only suggestion i have, if you haven't come up with it already, is to provide a good solution tothe problem whether it is a new policy or a new system, make sure it is included.


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