Saturday, September 12, 2009

Op Ed Topic Paragraph

Consumers should buy organic cotton products to reduce destruction to Uzbekistan and its inhabitants. I plan on discussing the ease and benefit of organic materials, the harmful effects of conventional cotton use on workers, and the environmental issues that are created. I will find out the price differences and benefits of organic products, look at worker conditions, and find the depreciation timeline of the environment. Possible counter arguments may include the inaccessability of organic products, disinterest in workers of other countries, and worthlessness of a person's contribution.


  1. This is an interesting subject Christine. I look forward to hearing more. One question, is all cotton produced in Uzbekistan?

  2. All cotton is not produced in Uzbekistan; however, a vast amount of cotton is harvested in Uzbekistan. It is one of the top five countries that produce cotton.

  3. USA has been subsidizing cotton production. This means that they have been trying to keep the market close to importation. Maybe you should make a point that this subside could be directed to the organic cotton production instead?

    Just an idea.


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