Friday, January 21, 2011

Topic Ideas

Claim: BYU should inform their students on ward boundary changes in advance.
Reason: Students living on a floor divided by multiple ward boundaries are limited in getting to know the rest of their ward in a different building completely.
Reason: The students living on one floor are limited in making friends with other students on the same floor because they are divided into four different wards.
Reason: Students may consider living somewhere else.
Assumption: If students knew in advance any ward boundary changes, then they may have reconsidered where they were staying and had different friend opportunities.

Claim: BYU should be consistent in enforcing Honor Code violations at the Cannon Center.
Reason: There would be less gray areas in terms of acceptable dress standards.
Reason: If BYU won't enforce standards in one instance, why should they in another? Issues with authority.
Assumption: If BYU were more consistent in enforcing standards there would be no room for exceptions.

Claim: BYU should allow students with Dining Plus to use their plans at the Creamery on 9th and the BYU Bookstore.
Reason: It's the student's money-they should choose where to use it. Possibly big waste of money.
Reason: The Creamery at Helaman Halls has little variety compared to the Creamery on 9th.
Reason: If students are allowed to use Dining Dollars on things other than food at the Creamery at Helaman, what makes the BYU Bookstore any different?
Assumption: If students could use their Dining Dollars elsewhere, then their money would be better spent versus buying non essentials just to keep from losing their money .

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