Saturday, January 22, 2011

#1) Claim: BYU needs to re-design their website
Reason: It is difficult for prospective and incoming students to navigate
Assumption: If BYU makes their website more intuitive, it will be easy for prospective students to navigate it/research about BYU

#2) Claim: Swearing in class is an issue at BYU
Reason: Although swearing is against the standards of the church, the Honor Code does not have a clause addressing swearing.
Assumption: In-class swearing will cease when a clause addressing the issue is added to the Honor Code

#3) Claim: The fact that standards of modesty in the performing arts and sports can be different than standards of modesty elsewhere on campus is not hypocrisy.
Reason: The honor code office has set out specific standards of modesty for the performing arts and sports because such disciplines often require costume that is "immodest" on the rest of campus.
Assumption: "Immodest" clothing is not immodest unless the Honor Code specifically states it as such, and those standards of modesty differ according to specific situations.


  1. I really like your third argument since not a lot of people will argue that there are certain times when going against the honor code might be appropriate. You can add something about how to be taken seriously in most sports, certain attire which can be considered "immodest" is necessary.

  2. I liked your claim regarding BYUs website. I remember how intimidating it was when I first started here. I still find myself confused and lost on the website and I consider myself a computer person. I think you could have a strong argument with that one.

  3. Also about the website there have been several times when my roommates and I can't not even get on. So when we tried to register for classes it wouldn't even load because so many people were on it. It is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed.

  4. when I was signing up for classes, I remember how ridiculous the website was. It made me so frustrated! I had no idea how to navigate around. I don't know how, but i think they should design an easier setup. With this argument, I think you should target incoming freshmen. Upper class men know how to use it since they've been here, but you can argue how it's difficult to navigate right off the bat.

  5. I really liked the fact that you are arguing against swearing on campus. I hear so many swear words on campus, and that really surprises me. I would love to see this clause added to the Honor Code, because I am always disappointed when I hear BYU students who are supposed to have higher standards swear. And it even surprises me that it's not already a clause on there. It's just plain wrong!


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