Friday, January 21, 2011

opinion editorials

claim one: it's not what fast food places sell, but what we buy that is making us fat.

  • reason: fattening food is sold at fast food places and yes it is cheaper, but many fast food places have healthier options such as fruit, a lower-calorie list, salads and water.
  • assumption: buying the healthier options at fast food restaurants will lower our likelihood of becoming fat. 
claim two: the honor code needs to be enforced equally among students.
  • reason one: boys are forced to shave for having a little bit of scruff whereas girls can get by in the cannon center or testing center wearing too short of dress/shirt/shorts or leggings as pants.
  • reason two: shorter girls can get away more often with wearing shorter clothing because it doesn't look as short on them as it would on a taller girl. 
  • assumption: if BYU enforced the honor code more fairly, no one would be getting "picked on" or the "short end of the stick." honor code enforcing among all students would be equal and fair, leading to less annoyed students. 

claim three: it's not appropriate to classify students on there level of mormon-ness (good mormon/bad mormon)

  • reason: we all come from different backgrounds and households.  we we're all taught slightly differently from one person to the next.  it is not fair to judge someone on "if they go to devotionals or not" or "if they do homework on sunday when you yourself do not."
  • assumption: it is not a sign of  faltering testimony or bad mormon vs. good mormon, it's simply what you personally find appropriate. 

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